Domineering-Bullies' Life-Styles and Personal Relationships are Not-Long-Term-Sustainable
within God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - for the following reasons:

 1. Domineering-Bullies create and augment Alienative-Conflicts which undermine all forms of:
    Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, Creativity, Cooperation, Alienative-Conflict-Mitigation,
    Reconciliation and Dilemma-Transcendence.

 2. Domineering-Bullies tenaciously Play-To-Win all destructive kinds of Collusive-Games-
    of Mutual Self-Deception - - - through Unilateral-Intentions-and-Actions.

 3. Domineering-Bullies do NOT deal Openly-and-Honestly with the Realities of:
    (a) How Astronomically-Tiny-God's Space-Ship-Earth is.
    (b) How Essentially-Isolated God's Space-Ship-Earth is from all Extra-Terrestrial 
        Material-Resources - - - that are similar in utility to the Most-Coveted
        Material-Resources within God's-Space-Ship-Earth - - - which are being depleted
        by Apparently-Endless Exponential-Growth-Patterns in Human-Populations and 
        Per-Capita-Per-Year Consumption-Patterns.
    (c) How Self-Terminating all Exponential-Growth-Processes-Are within each Isolated-

 4. Domineering-Bullies are NOT inclined to trust True-Lovers who are working cooperatively
    to help those around them to participate cooperatively/collaboratively in Mitigating-

 5. Tragedies are Created by Simplistic-Fools who are unwilling to join with others in
    evaluating the limitations of their own forms of Idealism and Technologies.