Domineering-Bullies have set-themselves-up for failure - - - by believing-in-their-
Domineering-Hearts that they should, and need to - - - be in control of Almost-Everything,
if not everything; e.g.:

 1. People's: thoughts, desires, plans, personal-relationships, intimacies, responses to
    each other's behaviors, rebellions, etc.

 2. Symbolic, as well as actual, rebellions against their dominance.

 3. Interpretations of Implicit and Tacit meanings - - - as well as of overt explicit 

 4. Their own and other people's fears, anxieties, dis-eases, etc.

 5. Their own and other people's Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.

 6. What People-are-Willing-to-Let-Go.

Not even people who are well informed about most people's secret: lives, perceptions, 
desires, fears, etc. could possibly control all of the "realities" that Domineering
Bullies presume that they should and need to control!

Not even God-Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent - - - has succeeded 
fulfilling the tasks which Domineering-Bullies have set their secret-hearts firmly upon!

Domineering-Bullies have set themselves up to try to Control All-Other-Domineering-Bullies;
and there are countess Hidden-Domineering-Bullies to try to control!! What NONSENSE!!

People who set themselves up in the above way have no integrity in trying to do what
is utterly impossible to do!  They can have no integrity unless they Let-Go of their
Nonsensical-Impossible: Goals, Intentions, Desires, Duties, Responsibilities, and 
Alienative-Responses to True-Lovers.

To succeed in doing what they think that they MUST-DO - - - Domineering-Bullies MUST:

 1. Defeat the vast majority of other Domineering-Bullies best efforts!
 2. Defeat the vast majority of True-Lovers' best efforts!

 3. Defeat the vast majority of People's-Efforts to Mitigate their Own-Alienative-

 4. Succeed with inadequate knowledge of what and how other people feel, think and 
    plan to do.

 5. Succeed in spite of being almost totally alienated from most other people.

 6. Win their own Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - while keeping all
    other people from winning the same Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception!

 7. Keeping all people from being well informed about Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-
    Deception; e.g., in regards to:
    a. Human-Mortality,
    b. Human-Imperfections,
    c. Human-Alienations,
    d. Human-Alienative-Conflicts,
    e. Human-Limitations, 
    f. Limited-Resources within God's-Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth,
    g. How Short-Term all Significant-Patterns of Exponential-Growth-Will-Last in
       God's Essentially-Isolated-Space-Ship-Earth as regards Coveted-Material-Resources
       in Extra-Terrestrial-Realms.

 8. Win Essentially-Alienative-Conflicts which are based upon the Presumably-Redemptive-
    Powers of: 	Violence	Coercion	Controls	Conformity	Domination
    		Superiority	Alien-Standards	Alien-Plans	Eternal-Powers	Greed

 9. Not-Feeling-Guilty for Failing-to-Fulfill the mandates of their Chosen-Life-Styles.

10. Not-Feeling-Guilty for Failing-to-Win-Their-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.

11. Not-Feeing-Guilty for Lacking Authenticity, Integrity, Health, Civility, etc.

12. Not-Feeling-Guilty for keeping other people from exposing how their Live-Styles are:

	Incoherent	Not-Sustainable-Long-Term	Self-Defeating	Contentions
	Arrogant	Vulnerable-to-Climate-Changes	Egocentric	Self-Destructive