The following are potentially helpful "search-strings" for use by students in work-shops focused upon the possibilities of US Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts. It is possible to highlight any string of words here, then "save-them", and click on the box into which to enter a "search-string", drop them there, and search the world-wide-web for that word-string. The "search strings" below are suggestive of possible "Alienative-Conflicts" which may be in need of "Mitigation". You may use them as suggested above to see what might be available on the web pertaining to the following word-clusters. Family Parent Child Adult Transaction En Locos Parent Strings Attached Child Addict Codependent Independent Ten Step Alonon Alcoholics Anonymous Al-Anon Al-Ateen Interdependent Rebellion Adolescent Transition Adult Teen Anger Clutch Cling Hold Own Control Rebellion Possession Control Discipline Conform Dominate Child Proper Way Right Duty Authority Script Scripture Parent Advice Scripture Interpret Text Context Bible Absolute Truth Environment Addict Codependent Supporter Save Rescue Protect Homosexual Male Female Lesbian Transgendered Cross Dress Gender Sex Role Come Out Hide Secret Explore New Intimate Relationships Collusive Games Mutual Self Deception Open Honest Dialogue Intimacy Sexuality Romance Marriage Intercourse Masturbation God Lord Dominant Submissive Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent Judge Relationships Personal Reflexive Objective Scientific Technocratic Prescriptions Proscriptions Systems Analysis Risk Avoid Protect Danger Objective Reflexive Subjective Rescue Salvation Redemption Unilateral Heaven Hell Eternal Life Macho Guy Thing Objective Control Domination Superior Sex Conquests Mitigate Own Alienative Conflicts Mitigate Collusive Games Mutual Self Deception Mitigate Arrogance Self Righteousness Pretentions Mitigate Egocentric Attitudes Mind Set Mitigate Greed Hoarding Violence Coercion Mitigate Domination Violence Coercion Prescriptions Proscriptions Controls Mitigate Hubris Unilateral Actions Invulnerability Mitigate Excommunication Rejection Shunning Banishment Mitigate Exclusivity Superior Person Expert