Course Keys **** Regarding each kind of human behavior, it is often helpful and legitimate to ask, Does the behavior facilitate, or undermine: 1. Personal-and-Communal forms of Present-Integrities and Integration-Processes? 2. People's efforts to cooperate in Mitigating-Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts? 3. People's efforts to cooperate in Mitigating-Their-Own: Alienations, Estrangements, Excommunications, and Banishments through the processes of: a. Judicial-Court-Procedures, b. Professional-Arbitration, c. Professional-Mediation, d. Professional-Negotiation, e. Conflict-Resolution, f. Conciliation, g. Technical-Solutions, i. Dilemma-Transcendence, j. Police-Arrests, k. Detective-Investigations/inquiries, l. Reconciliation, m. Shuttle-Diplomacy n. Dispute-Settlement o. Fist-Fights p. Compromise, q. Intercession, r. Intervention, s. Interposition, t. Colloquy, u. Consultation, v. Debate, w. Discussion, x. Transaction, y. Transformation, and/or z. Salvation/Redemption. 4. Searching the world-wide-web for a large collection of the words appearing above and examining the web-sites found in that way!