Domineering-Bullies often-demand-absolute: Obedience-and-Submission to their demands and controls; with full: Agreement, Loyalty, Conformity Enthusiasm and Purity - - - regarding each of them; accepting that the Domineering-Bullies HAVE- THE-RIGHT to be totally-in-control - - - all-around; all-of-the-time! Domineering-Bullies Play-to-WIN Their Secret Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, Wherein Nobody Can Ever Be Sure About: What the Rules are? Where the Goals are? Who has the Ball? Who the Referees are? What the Score Is? Who will most likely win? Who is Playing THE-GAME? Who is FAVORED-TO-WIN? How Losers will be PUNISHED? How Drop-Outs will be PUNISHED? How Winners will be REWARDED? Who is on which Team? How many teams are playing? Where Game-Boundaries-Are? When THE-GAME-WILL-END? Why THE-GAME-WILL-END? Where THE-GAME-WILL-END? Who will survive in any way? The only thing that is sure; is that if you DO-NOT-WIN You-will-be-TOTALLY-EXCOMMUNICATED! BANISHED! SHUNNED! DESTROYED! ABANDONED! WITH-NO-GROUNDS-FOR-HOPE! ======================================================================================================= We dare not stop the game or drop out! We dare not let-go! We dare not relax, ever! Play-Perfectly! Be-Enthusiastic! Never-Question! Trust-Nobody! Fear-Neighbors! Go! Get! More! Keep! Hoard! It is all up to you ALONE! BEWARE! There is no Coherent-Community-Security for you! ========================================================================================================= People who are Playing-to-WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception are trying to: Ignore Evade Conceal Obscure Confuse Repress Suppress Deny Hide Destroy Kill Execute Disintegrate Denigrate ======================================= The following Essential Realities: ============================== Diversity Creativity Integrity Authenticity Coherence Shalom Intimacies Truths Facts Relationships Descriptions Experiences Possibilities Lovers Prophets Reconciliations Diplomacy Healings Collaborations Cooperation LOVE ============================== Regardless of the costs in the short-and-long term! ====================== Be-Together-Shalom In-CREATIVE/INTEGRATIVE WAYS That Make Domineering-Bullies be/feel Uncomfortable/Insecure. That Threaten their Ground-of-Being Highly-Respected Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters. That Threaten Their-Power to be In-Total-Control and Unilaterally-Invulnerable. By NOT BEING: Subservient, Conformed, Submissive, Cheer-Leaders at their Collusive-Games of MSD! BY BEING Graciously-Together in Shalom's Many Ways BY PROTECTING COMMUNAL-INTEGRITY and PERSONAL-INTEGRITY IN LOVE'S MANY WAYS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So long as we honor-and-tolerate Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception being Played-in-our-communities by Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - so long we will be unable to develop helpful and gracious consensuses about any of the following: 1. What kinds of gracious-intimate-personal-relationships are in God's-Cosmos Essentially-Possible: Long-Term, Honestly, with-Integrity, In Shalom's-Healthy-Ways-of-LOVE? 2. What kinds of other personal relationships CANNOT-be-sustained: Long-Term, Honestly-With-Integrity within God's-Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth - - - In Essential-Material-Isolation from all Extra-Terrestrial Pure-Material-Resources that are Most-Coveted within God's-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth because of how essential they are to the Most-Coveted Greedy-Life-Styles within Space-Ship-Earth? 3. Whether-or-NOT we can With-Integrity Violate-the-Integrity of any: Person, Personal-Relationship, Family, Neighborhood, Community, Village, Tribe, City, State or Nation - - - in order to accomplish any purpose UNILATERALLY in keeping with our-own-highest: ideals, values, principles, virtues, etc? 4. Whether-or-NOT we can With-Integrity Covet-Very-Long a relationship with any other person who is refraining from showing a mutual and/or reciprocal interest in exploring any correspondingly similar relationship with us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Healthy-Integrative-Personal-Relationships Often-Demonstrate: Balance Mutuality Reciprocity Cooperation Colaboration Hospitality Generosity Open-and-Honest Dialogues IN-LOVE. Beware in the absence of the above Essential-Integrative-Realities; and Beware of People who are Complicit in their being absent! Deal honestly with the absence of the above Essential-Integrative-Realities. Beware of Exclusive-Preoccupations - - - - that undermine the above Essential-integrative-Realities! Beware of People-Who-Embody-Preoccupations that undermine the above Essential-integrative-Realities! Be-Aware and Beware!