To understand the processes that are essential in Graciously-Mitigating-our-Own-Alienative- Conflicts - - - we must think-carefully and honestly about what is involved in the GRACIOUS (Processes-of-Leadership) - - - and of (Disciples-Following-Leaders) ===> ===> Leaders: Envision Think-About Describe Explore Doing-New-Things. Leaders: Create New-Things New-Languages New-Relationships and Help-Followers ---> To-Also Create: New-Things New-Languages New-Relationships and Help-Followers ---> More-Fully DO: New-Things New-Languages New-Relationships and Help-Followers. Leaders encourage: Change Creativity Explorations Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - -> About Yet-Newer: Possibilities In-Terms-Of Past-Experiences Observations Insights Computations Descriptions In-New-Languages Visual-Arts Musical-Arts Poetic-Arts Visions Dreams Desires Hopeful-Grounds Shalom's-Ways Being-Together Being-Intimate and Being-Creative In New-Ways-Which: Transcend-and-Undermine Playing-Collusive-Games Of-Mutual-Self-Deception.