It makes a great deal of difference to the long-term sustainability and integrity of a civilization or community - - - when decisions are made by people regarding what kinds of behavior are -to-properly-be: Honored Admired Rewarded Respected Taught Encouraged Modeled Suggested Tolerated Permitted Wallowed Winked-At Discouraged Criticized Penalized Fined Obstructed Prevented Criminalized Shunned Ostracized Banished Imprisoned Tabooed The following questions can play important roles in deciding the extent to which making-kind- of decision contributes to the long-term-sustainability of a civilization: To what extend are each of the following indicators-of-the-health-and-integrity of a civilization/community - - - augmented and/or-mitigated by making-each kind-of-decision: giving-due-consideration to the overall-consequences for-all-humans-long-term? 1. Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about how-well the-basic-real-needs of various identifiable-groups- of-people are being-met - - - and about changes in how-well such needs are being met more-or-less frequently. Is power-and-wealth being concentrated at the expense of the most vulnerable? 2. The levels of mutual: trust, animosity, respect, admiration, contentiousness, understanding - - - between/among the various identifiable-groups-of-people - - - and about the changes occurring in those levels - - - as years pass? 3. The rates-of-exhaustion of essential-material-resources within God's Astronomically-Tiny- Space-Ship-Earth - - - Essentially Isolated as it is from all Extra-Terrestrial and Practicably- Usable Essential-Pure-Material-Resources: Fossil-Fuels such as Oil, Natural-Gas, and coal; Nuclear-Fuels; Minerals, Building-Materials, etc. 4. The changing accessibility of practicably-useful-ENDURING-energy-resources - - - to empower the Exponentially-Growing levels of activities of all members of the crew of God's Astronomically- Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - Direct-Sunshine, Stored-Sunshine, Water-Power, Warm- Ocean-Currents, Tides, Geo-Thermal, etc. What are the projected demands and availabilities? 5. The changing levels-in-livability of the various parts of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Isolated- Space-Ship-Earth - - - due to Global-Climate-Changes-Triggered-by-Humans, due to natural Global- Climate-Changes in Pollutions of air, water, soils, plants, animals, ice, etc. See the extensive writings of Lester Brown leading up to his writing of "PLAN B4.0 published in 2009.