When Domineering-Bullies make their identities depend upon whom-they-have-under-their-control - - - they thereby make themselves be dependent-upon-and-vulnerable-to those "controlled" people. Those people become their "Ground-of-Being" - - - so long as the Domineering-Bullies continue to WIN Their- Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Decetion About-Being-In-Control! When Domineering-Bullies partially recognize the Fragility of their Ground-of-Being Who-They-Are - - - they are Terrified and become willing to use More-Extreme and More-Alieantive-Means = Technologies. The above situation is a major challenge to True-Lovers who seek to help others to Mitigate-Their-Own Alieantive-Conflicts; for example the Above-Terrified-Domineering-Bullies NEED help in Mitigating-Their- Own Alieantive-Conflicts; but are not inclined to ask for such help - - - or to accept such help when it is Graciously-Offered. Care must be taken in trying to show them that Gracious-Ways out of their Situations Do-Exist! Our Chosen "Enemies" seem to US to be threatening US with: Truths - - - that we-are-trying-to-hide-from-ourselves - - - by Playing Collusive Games of Mutual-Self- Decemptions - - - about the "Truths" - - - with-which - - - our "Enemies" are Threatening-US. HINT: Our Chosen "Enemies" are in reality - - - True-Lovers seeking to lead us toward reconciliation. HINT: Such reconciliation would expose the lack of integrity of all Domineering-Bullies. ==> Cosmic-Collapse! TERROR! A Crack-in-Our-Cosmic-Eggshell! The HEAVENS WILL FALL IN ON US! OUR-LIFE-STYLE IS DOOMED! MAN-THE-BATTLEMENTS! See the book: "Crack in the Cosmic Egg" by Joseph Pearce