The Probability that a community/civilization will endure as a: long-term, robust, stable, sustainable and well-integrated community - - - depends primarily upon what CLUSTERS of the following kinds of Mutually Supportive-and- Complementary Realities are affirmed in gracious ways which are themselves Long-Term: Robust Stable Sustainable Well-Integrated For-ALL-People in the Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Materially-Isolated Space-ship-Earth. Relevant-Clusters will include-respect-shown for the following kinds of realities: 1. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues among Diverse-Peoples of all kinds; 2. Well-Integrated Objective-Reflexive Systems-Analyses; 3. Collaboratively-Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts; 4. Systemic-Distributive-Justice for ALL of the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth; 5. Honesty about Amounts-of-Coveted-Limited-Material-Resources Now-Inside-of-Space-Ship-Earth; 6. Honesty about Amounts-of-Coveted-Limited-Extra-Terrestrial AVAILABLE from outside of Earth; 7. Honesty about Truly-Unchangeable Objective-Processes That-are-Well-Described by Scientists; 8. Honesty about Tragically-Alienative-Conflicts of many diverse-and-complex-kinds. 9. Honesty about what Humans CAN-CHANGE and about what Humans CANNOT-CHANGE; Now-Or-Ever. 10. Honesty about our Pervasive Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception which we CAN-NEVER-WIN. 11. Honesty about the Importance-of-Humane: Moods, Dispositions, Spirits, Attitudes, Hopes, Trust, Styles, Authenticities, Courage, Visions, Intentions, Communications, Intimacies, Intuitions, Creativity, Which CANNOT-BE-CONTROLLED by external forces and/or powers. 12. Honesty about what GOD CANNOT-DO and CANNOT-CHANGE; Now-or-Ever, and WHY-NOT. 13. Honesty about MISLEADING-ISOLATED: Concepts, Questions, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, etc. 14. Honesty about Reliable-Well-Integrated-Mutually-Complementary-Clusters-of-the-realities in #13. The above relevant clusters of realities MUST be helpful foci of initial-and-continuing open-and- honest dialogues in the work-shop about how we can help each other to Mitigate-our-Own-Alienative- Conflicts; because we CAN-DO-VERY-LITTLE about any other conflicts - - - regardless of how "superior", "powerful", wise, or "wealthy" we may-appear-to-be - - - to some people. ======================================================================================================== Further work on helping each other to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - will need to respond to the following kinds of further questions: 1. How can the preceding and following statements be Paraphrased to be more Helpful-and-Gracious Bases for further Open-and-Honest-Dialogues? 2. What portions of the preceding statements are the focus of the most Contentious-Discussions? Why? 3. What assumptions, convictions and beliefs are central in the most Contentious-Encounters? 4. What assumptions, convictions and beliefs are central in the most Graciously Worded Consensuses? 5. Upon what descriptive statements can the Most-Diverse-People Agree - - - with the least objections? 6. Using a workable priority-voting-procedure - - - what are the Ten-most-popular-CLUSTERS of two, three, or four: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues - - - that can be described in less than ten words per cluster; and Receive-Majority-Support AS-WELL-AS High- Priority-Support as at Iowa Democratic Party State Conventions in the Late 1990s and early 2000s. 7. The above kinds of Gracious-Exercises can be used to lay foundations for a group of students/activists in a workshop/course on Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - to engage in more Focused-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about Essential-Foundations- For-Communal-and-Personal-Integrities-and-Integrative-Processes. 8. Next, the group might well use a workable priority-voting-procedure to ascertain levels of support for focusing in small groups of two-to-four-participants - - - upon particular Alienative-Conflicts that are nominated for consideration by small-clusters-of-students - - - initially with no focus upon just which students might wish to participate in each such cluster. However, votes cast by particular participants should become available to all participants, to help them to network to form mutually-agreeable-small work-groups; in which to focus upon how best to cooperate on working to Mitigate their own chosen Alienative-Conflicts. 9. Each small group needs to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about how to cooperate in studying and sharing resources relevant to participants in their chosen conflicts; exploring resources that can be found in: a. The web-site b. Other web-sites on the world wide web accessed by various search engines. c. Text books for relevant courses. d. Professional Journals and Magazines. e. Doctoral-Dissertations. f. "Peace-Institutes" of which there are thousands World-Wide. 10. In what ways can participants depart from ineffective-traditional-responses to Alienative-Conflict and related Patterns-of-Traditional-Alienations? 11. What Collaborative-Cooperative-Actions can the participants in groups engage in, to help each other to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts? 12. What can the group do to Contribute To-The-Mitigation of OUR-OWN Long-Term Net-Global Increases in: a. Entropy, ( Study physicists' descriptions of Entropy in many diverse forms such as garbage/wastes.) b. Global Warming and Climate-Changes. c. Oceans Rising into almost all Mega-Cities inside of Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth. d. Dis-Integrations of Communities and Human-Healthy-Relationships. e. Destructions of Coherent: Physical, Personal and Communal Integrities. f. Violence, Coercion, Torture, etc. g. Estrangements, Isolations and Excommunications. h. Conflicts that stand in the way of Mitigating Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts. 13. What can each group contribute to describing the Most-Likely-Keys-to-Mitigating our own Traditionally: Tolerated, Accepted, Honored and Participated-In - - - Alienative Conflicts such as the following possible KEYS: a. Knowledge about how-to-facilities-the-formation-of traditionally: Never-Framed, Never-Asked, Often-Repressed and Usually-TABOO - - - QUESTIONS that can be the Needed-Keys - - - to Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about Our-Own most-hidden Alienative-Conflicts. b. Improved ways of becoming informed about Our-Own-Adversaries whom we do not know nor understand - - - so we can better anticipate how they will most-likely-respond to each possible behavior-on-our-part; and so make better choices about how we can most helpfully decide-to-act in graciously-informed-and-thoughtful-ways! c. Knowledge of the major global environmental changes which are now creating conditions that will control the frameworks within which we will have to work on Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative- Conflicts in the coming years, decades and centuries. We have NEVER been in thoughtfully- and-well-informed-control - - - of those Environmental-Patterns-of-Change. We are now having major-impacts upon the Global-Environment with little informed-thought-or-understanding - - - of all of the processes within God's Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth; less than our Biggest Building in-the-Cosmos - - - as compared to a grain of sand on-a-beach. d. The formation of New-Forms-of-Scholarship, Research and Objective-Reflexive-Systems-Analyses of Complex-Humane-and-Inhumane-Relationships which now play Key-Roles in our own Alienative- Conflicts and Tragic-States of Mutual-Alienation-Isolation-Distrust. e. Clarity about the emerging aspects of what will constitute a More-Robust-and-Sustainable form of Civilization-and-Civility - - - than what we are accustomed to see in our: Wars, Economic- Contests, Political-Contests, Religious-Contests, Sexual-Contests, Technocratic-Contests, Greed-Contests, Garbage-Contests, Exponential-Growth-Contests and More-than-Enough-Contests. f. Clarity about the U>Alienative-Aspects of Our-Own-Current-Civilization - - - that we must Let-Go-Of and Move-Away-From - - -to survive in the only place that we have available to us; i.e., Inside of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Materially-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth. g. We cannot move our civilization to any extra-terrestrial place - - - more readily than we can evolve a new civilization that is sustainable Here-Inside-of-God's Astronomically Tiny-and- Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - where - - - The Size of-Space-Ship-Earth compared to the Size-of-All-of-the Whole-Cosmos --- ==> 2 (-10) is about 0.000,000,000,01 smaller than The Size of a grain of sand compared to the Size-of-All-of-the Whole-Space-Ship-EARTH. ==> 5 (-21) 2 (-10) means 0.000,000,000,2 5 (-21) means 0.000,000,000,000,000,000,005 But even the above is not a good comparison, because the above involves the flawed image of the Cosmos being a sphere, like the earth in shape; with a curved surface. Modern cosmologists do not make use of that over-simplified image of the cosmos. The cosmos probably has no boundary between inside-and-outside, as every sphere with which we are familiar - - - has a surface between inside and outside. The cosmos is a bit like a Black-Hole which has a mass corresponding to its total-contained-energy-mass. Any bit of energy inside of a Black-Hole goes "straight-ahead" for-ever inside of the finite space inside of the Black-Hole - - - just as travelers near the surface of the earth can go-straight-ahead endlessly over the finite surface of the earth; never leaving the earth. Heating the WHOLE earth would make it expand; and increase the surface area of the earth; make the surface area get bigger. Adding more mass to the earth via asteroids coming into the earth - - - made the earth become more massive and increased the area of the surface of the earth. That is how Space-Ship-Earth was created! Similarly, adding more mass = energy to a black hole increases the area of the "event-horizon" of a black- hole. From outside of a black-hole there is a diameter of a spherical-surface called the event-horizon, which encloses the finite volume and mass-energy within the black-hole. The area of that "event-horizon" is proportional to the total-mass = total=energy that-is-enclosed. No "event" inside of the "event-horizon" can be visible from outside of the "event-horizon" - - - because light from "the-event" inside of the black hole, cannot escape to the outside realms to report that the "event" occurred. The light is energy which keeps going "straight-ahead-in-exceedingly-curved-space" just as humans running across the finite-surface of the earth go "straight-ahead-on the curved-surface-of-Space-Ship-Earth" held down by gravity because runners do not have enough speed to escape from Space-Ship-Earth. In a black-hole, NOT-EVEN-LIGHT going at the maximum speed of anything in the Cosmos; can escape from the finite VOLUME enclosed within the Black-Hole; some-what as a human runner cannot escape from the finite SURFACE of Earth - - - while still in/on the SURFACE. The above is about the best that can be done using the English-Language - - - which is not an adequate language for talking without-prejudice about black holes. Black-Holes can be described only with a form of mathematics which can be used to describe how space-gets-curved in volumes of space where the density of matter within the volumes of space is far higher than encountered in normal human lives, because humans do not survive in volumes of space where the mass-density is high enough for the curvature of space to be experienced directly; other than in the phenomena of "falling-objects" near the surface of the earth which "curve" in falling after they are thrown across the surface of the earth; because the space near the earth is slightly curved. Standard- Light-Beams do not curve perceptibly near Earth because the space-curvature here is very slight. Light-Beams- Always-Travel-Straight in Four-Dimensional-Space-Time. But in Four-Dimensional-Space-Time the geometry of Euclid is not an accurate description of the geometry of space-time near high concentrations of mass - - - where space- and-time get inter-twined with each other in ways described adequately by Einstein's TWO THEORIES-OF-RELATIVITY; BOTH OF WHICH are no longer just hypotheses. Both have been confirmed as being the most-accurate-yet-descriptions of the geometry-of-space-time - - - in the presence of high concentrations of mass - - - with light-beams offering the "standard" of "straight" within the "Four-Dimensions-Space-Time" of the COSMOS-as-it-EXISTS.