There are many contexts in which Domineering-Bullies are likely to demand that their desires, needs, wants, visions, dreams, etc. - - - be satisfied/fulfilled through: 1. Others accepting and playing assigned roles in a "drama" of the Bullies' own: generation, scripting, making, fantasy, dreams, visions, etc. 2. Others helping the bullies in "relationships" which the bullies invent - - - moment-by-moment; and which bullies own/control moment-by-moment - - - and direct the evolution of the relationship moment-by-moment - - - unilaterally. 3. The Bullies are Royalty; and others are servants, who are to anticipate and fulfill all of the Bullies' needs without having to be given any instructions or commands; or else! Needless to say the above contexts will be the contexts of many Alienative-Contexts. How can the people in those contexts collaborate to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative- Conflicts - - - without become Domineering-Bullies-Themselves?