It can be dangerous to do a Reflexive-Systems-Analysis of how Domineering-Bullies' Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception have been initiated, refined, augmented, and sustained! It can be even-more-dangerous for people and their communities to attempt to succeed In-the-Absence of Affirmations-in-Word-and-Deed - - - of Coherent-Clusters of long- term-sustainable: ideals, values, principles, virtues and personal-relationships - - - that Augment-All-of-the-Following-Realities in Mutually-Complementary-and-Gracious-Ways: Honesty Authenticity Dialogue Sympathy Compassion Empathy Hospitality Generosity Reconciliation Healing Cooperation Colaboration Creativity Prudence Exploration Descriptions Reliability Dependability Accuracy Intimacy Sharing Reciprocity Balance Stability Robustness Sustainability Endurance Tenacity Patience Tolerance Curiosity Experimentation Humor Confirmations Verifications Testing Hypotheses Assumptions Beliefs Convictions Doctrines Rituals At the same time as True-Lovers are affirming and demonstrating their committments to the above; via clusters of authentic: ideals, values, principles and virtues - - - they are also committed to exposing to public view that The-Following-Realities - - - need-to-be-mitigated - - - because the FOLLOWING-TRAGIC-REALITIES undermine committments to affirmations-of-and-augmentations-of the ABOVE-CLUSTERS of AUTHENTIC-WELL-INTEGRATED-CLUSTERS-OF: ideals, values, principles and virtues: Dishonesty Pretense Demands Torture Indifference Coercion Attacks Greed Commands Alienation Injury Denigrations Violence Destruction Thoughtlessness Terrors Blindness Deafness Insensitivity Forgetfulness Chaos Confusion Lies Domination Coercion Hoarding Hubris Imbalance Collapse Crashes Exhaustion Weakness Bullying Requirements Repressions Suppressions Shunnings Excommunication Arrogance Blunders Tragedies Simplistic-Ideals Unilateralisms Invulnerability Isolation Exclusivity Rejections Banishment Abandonment Collusions Deceptions Injustice Distributive-Systemic-Neglect To the extent that True-Lovers are NOT Augmenting the Coherent-Mutually-Supportive-Clusters of Authentic: Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues - - - and are NOT exposing the above Tragically- Destructive-Realities to Public-View-and-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues - - - People will be showing respect for Domineering-Bullies who are engaged in Pretending-To-Be what they are NOT, and are manipulating: appearances, desires, wants and expectations; to AUGMENT their own Concentrations- of Corruptive-Excessive: Wealth, Power and Influence - - - and getting people to imitate their mutually-destructive-live-styles of - - - Greed, Hoarding, Coercion, Violence, Suppression and Repression.