There are many SPECTRUMS-of-Realities Which are relevant to any study - - - - Of how to help people-of-all-kinds - - - - To help-each-other in Facilitating - - - - The Gracious-Mitigation of: 1. Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts 2. Each-Other's Own-Alienative-Conflicts and 3. Their-Own-Patterns of Enduring-Alienations. Such-SPECTRUMS-of-Realities pertain to: How Pervasive, Intense and/or Extreme the realities are in playing significant roles for Good and/or Ill - - - within each person's life; and how the realities pertain to - - - How clearly, weakly and/or confusingly the realities are Correlated-to-each-other in different people's: experiences, perceptions, understandings and conceptual-frame-works. To speak of SPECTRUMS is to strongly-suggest that the Realities are not simply EITHER/OR Dichotomously and exclusively-paired realities that do-not-cross any well defined: boundaries, fences, walls or barriers. Relevant to Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - Are many Inter-Twined and Overlapping SPECTRUMS that pertain to how: Pervasive, Extreme and Intense are the presences of each of the following realities within the lives of people who are Participant-Victims of Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts: 1. Gracious-True-Lovers' Life-Styles in the Ways of Shalom, 2. Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters Contrasting Life-Styles, 3. Exclusively Objectively-Oriented-People focused upon Life-Less-Objects, 4. Reflexively-Oriented Well-Integrated-People in Healthy-Relationships, 5. People Professionally Trained in Scientific-Research, 6. People Professionally Trained in Engineering-Sciences, 7. People Professionally Trained in the Humanities and Arts, 8. People Professionally Trained in the Life-Sciences, 9. People Professionally Trained in Understanding Humane-Relationships, 10. People Professionally Trained in Reflexive-Objective Systems-Analyses, 11. People who are Primarily Visually-and-Image-Oriented, 12. People who are Primarily Auditory-and-Sound-Oriented, 13. People who are Primarily Verbally-and-Linguistically-Oriented, 14. People who are Primarily Conceptually-and-Systems-Oriented, 15. People who are Primarily Focused upon Transcendent Clusters of Values, 16. People who seek to Know-The-Absolute-Truth about God, Heaven and Salvation, 17. People Focused Compulsively upon Good-and-Evil as Transcendent-Realities, 18. People Focused upon Manipulative-Techniques-Technologies-and-Means, 19. People Focused Compulsively upon Concentrating Wealth-Money-Investments, 20. People Focused Compulsively upon Concentrating Powers-Influence-Goods, 21. People Focused Compulsively upon Superiority, Purity and Excellence, 22. People Focused Compulsively upon Invulnerability-and-Absolute-Security, 23. People Focused Compulsively upon Defenses and Absolute-Safety, Sustainability Robustness Stability Endurance Toughness Fortresses Loyalty Winning Competitions Intimacy Sexuality Friendships Neighborliness Love Hospitality Generosity Healing Reconciliation Health Integrity Authenticity Honesty Dialogue Cooperation Colaboration Shunnings Banishments Exclusivity Excommunication Alienation Playing Collusive Games of Mutual-Self-Deception In-Hell