There have been some religious-leaders who have acted as if they knew some Absolute-Truth about: God, Heaven, Hell, Salvation, Redemption or some other Absolute-Reality. At least some of those religious leaders have been so arrogant as to merit LITTLE OR NO: honor, respect, support or reverence - - - in regard to their knowledge of any Religious- Truth - - - which cannot be tested in any reliable ways in terms of human experiences. The human dilemma is that there have been many such religious-leaders who have attracted a large following of people who do not want to be troubled with verifiable facts and with thinking about the implication of those facts. Religions have often failed to generate a good track record in MITIGATING the following Alienative-Human-Realities among their MOST: Honored, Trusted, Powerful, Influential and Wealthy LEADERS within each religion. Arrogance Self-Righteousness Alienative-Conflicts Getting-Influence Exclusivity Coercion Pretentions Excommunications Egocentrism Shunnings Getting-Power Getting-Attention Getting-Wealth Geo-Centrism Purifications Religions have often limited the concerns of believers to THE-INSIDE-OF God's Space-Ship-Earth which is Astronomically-Tiny within the Whole of THE-COSMOS of Space-and-Time wherein Space-Ship-Earth is not even a speck of dust; unable to survive even a tiny-fever of Local-Average-Star/Sun. Religions have often so limited-the-concerns-of-believers - - - that they have not been able to recognize Global-Catastrophes which are INEVITABLE in the Long-Term PRESENCE of: 1. Exponential Growth-Rates in Human Populations within Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth. 2. Exponential Growth-Rates in Per-Capita-Per-Year Personal-Energy-Demands in Space-Ship-Earth 3. Exponential Growth-Rates in Per-Capita-Per-Year Personal-Pure-Material-Resource-Demands-in-Earth. 4. Trying to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception about these PRESENCES-in-Space-Ship-Earth. 5. GREED as a pervasive/central Motivating-and-Guiding-Reality. 6. FEAR as a pervasive/central Motivating-and-Guiding-Reality. 7. ANXIETY a pervasive/central Motivating-and-Guiding-Reality. 8. The lack of the Integration of: Objective, Reflexive, Spiritual, Scientific and Sexual - - REALITIES. 9. Indifference to the unmet most-basic-needs of the: Poorest, Hungry and Most-Vulnerable crew-members. 10. Indifference to the human costs of Isolated-and-Incoherent: Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues.