There are probably some people who will be troubled and distressed by the texts they find in this collections of essays at Such people may helpfully work together to identify the natures of the distresses which the essays cause them - - - and to publish widely their own essays to make clear why they are troubled and distressed. That is what is their right to do; in the light of our constitutionally-guaranteed-rights in the U.S.A. Bill-of-Rights! Those rights should be exercised to keep them alive! Such troubled and distressed people can help others by pointing to particular-texts in Particular-Essays-Which-Are: 1. Inaccurate and/or misleading in what is said in the particular texts. 2. Unfair to particular people and their points-of-view in what the texts say about such people and their particular points-of-view. 3. Contradicting well-agreed-upon-truths which are Almost-Universally accepted within our most reliable: religious, political, scholarly, business, economic circles of debate. Is there evidence to support any unsettling and troubling contrary conclusion that is contrary to the Almost-Universally accepted traditional point-of view? Why should people change opinions about such well-agreed-upon-truths? Why should contrary opinions be tolerated? 4. Serious threats to the coherence-and-integrity of the superior-ways in which WE are the best in the world in: Health-Care, Education, Diplomacy, Religious-Values, Democratic-Processes, Economic-Processes, Economic-Growth, Conflict-Resolutions, Alienative-Conflict-Mitigations, Manufacturing, etc. Nothing should be allowed to shake our self-confidence! Nobody should be allowed to undermine our firm self- confidence! We know how to WIN our Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - by forming Superior-Supportive-Coalitions and using our superior levels of concentrations of wealth, power and technologies! We are more tenacious than others! We will win all contests and challenges! 5. Misleading for the reasons which are described in detail on the web page critics.htm 6. We must defend all the ways in which we are Superior! Dare not let down!