True-Lovers generate Communal-Sanctuaries for Communal-Security in Open-and-Honest- Dialogues - - - by Offering-to-Their-Neighbors Gracious-Gifts of Being-Willing- to-Be-Together in Balanced-and-Mutual Vulnerability-in-Truly-Intimate-Relationships. In-Contrast; Domineering-Bullies try-to-be unilaterally-and-perfectly secure-in- Isolation-as-Invulnerable-Individualists - - - by being unwilling to be truly- vulnerable under any-conditions and any-circumstances any-where at any-time. Domineering-Bullies are Pretending that They-Can-Achieve For-Themselves Their-Own- Security for-Just-Themselves - - - in ways which demonstrate: Greed, Hoarding, Wealth-Concentrations, Power-Concentrations and Alienative-Coalitions of Like-Minded- Domineering-Bullies who are Motivated-and-Guided by: Fear, Anxiety, Suspicions and Terrors - - - and Guided by Kept-Secret-Ignorance about how-little-they-know-about their chosen-enemies and feared-strangers - - - who are probably EVIL! Domineering-Bullies are-trying-to-achieve Security-for-Themselves - - - by being- Invulnerable-Isolationists who are Enjoying-the-Benefits of Alienative-Conflicts as Being-The-Essential-Means-to-Complete-Security in Ignorance-and-Alienation - - - by Winning-Their-Great-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception as Superior-People. Domineering-Bullies live on a One-Track Railroad-Track next to the canyon's edge!