"Thorough-Systems-Analyses" are: Comprehensive, well-informed, thoughtful, disciplined, open-and-honest and scholarly procedures which deal with both: Objective-Facts and Reflexive-Personal-Relationships - - - In the management of a complex of human efforts within an evolving overall environment. For-Example: Cooperating-Graciously with each other who is involved in some comprehensive effort to: Mitigate-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts in the presence of all kinds of people who include those who can be described Openly, Honestly and Accurately as being: Greedy Domineering Concentrating-Wealth Concentrating-Powers Capitalists Managers Authoritarians Mobbing-Mobsters Domineering-Bullies Criminals Insensitive Violent Militarists Oppressive-People Colonialists Technocrats Technicians Engineers Scientists Investors Industrialists Congress-Men Congress-Women Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes Players-WINNING-Collusive-Games Of-Mutual-Self-Deception Within Space-Ship-Earth's Finite-Size; with its Finite-Material-Resources and Exponentially-Growing-Populations and Consumption-Rates.