Domineering Religious/Political-Leaders have often conjured up "transcendent" realities that only-they "could" apprehend - - - and have presumed to abuse them as-tools for-the- domination of their most-faithful-and-naive follower-victims. Domineering-Leaders' tragic-effects are often compounded by the following misleading- assumptions and/or convictions - - - which-lead-them-in-their-"thoughts" - - - such as the following "thoughts": 1. Other-People are very-much-like-us; and they will-respond to our Superior-Coercive- Power-to-dominate-them - - - as-we-expect/want them-to-respond-to-US. They will NOT surprise US. 2. With our "superior" Powers-to-Dominate we can Push-People-Around - - - as we can Push-Objects-Around. 3. Those-Inferior Fools will not think any more creatively-and-imaginatively; than we do. 4. It is impossible for those-fools to resist our superior-technologies - - - in non- technocratic-ways that-we-cannot-imagine. 5. Those-Fools cannot think in ways which transcend our Technocratic-Technologies of Destruction-Domination-and-Alienation. 6. We are More-Invulnerable than Those-Fools. 7. With our Superior-Forms-of-Arrogance; we can force-them-to-do whatever we-want-them- to-do; at acceptable costs to US. 8. We can make no mistakes; and the most important thing for US to do; is to Push-Ahead as-we-have-already-decided-and-announced that we will-do Forcefully-and-Powerfully. 9. It is a terrible-sign-of-weakness - - - to-fail-to-do; what we have forcefully-said- publicly that we-are-committed-to-do. 10. Weakness and Excessive-Thinking are our worst enemies. This is FOR-SURE! 11. We have met the enemy, and They Are-Inferior! Our-Arrogance is Superior to them! 12. We are the Best-in-the-World! Full-Speed-Ahead in our Chosen-Rut! It is the Right-Rut! 13. The above are the Most-Important-Facts. Beware of people with any Contrary-Insight!