To Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts we need to work-cooperatively upon Clarifyiung- for-Ourself-and-Each-Other - - - the Differences between What-True-Lovers-Trust, and what Domineering-Bullies-Trust - - - as noted below: Hospitality Hoarding Generosity Greed Distributive-Justice Centrating-Wealth Democratic-Equality Concentrating-Powers Humility Self-Confidence True-Integrity Absolute-Truth True-Authenticity Clever-Pretensions Open-and-Honest-Dialogues Secrecy Risky-Intimacies Invulnerable-Defenses Communal-Integrities Self-Protection Authentic-Meet-Service Personal-Excellence Spaking-Truth-to-Power Power-Coalitions Clarity-in-Authentic-Descriptions Security-Counciles Transparent-Honesty Secret-Weapons Public-Honest-Dialogues Secret-Technologies Public-Democratic-Assemblies Secret-Controls Letting-Go-of-Controls Reliable-Controls Building-Trust Testing-Loyalties Keeping-Gracious-Promises Proving-Superiority Having-Just-Enough Having-More-than-Enough Having-Networks-of-True-Lovers Having-Coalitions-of-Defenders Gracious-Vulnerability Perfect-Invulnerability Integrated-Complementary-Truths Absolute-Truth Building-Authentic-Communities Building-Absolute-Defenses Reconciliation Alienation Honesty Deception Intimacy Attacks Covenants Threats Kindness Violence Giving-and-Sharing Stealing-and-Hoarding Being-In-Shalom's Gracious-Ways Being-in-Total-Control Being-Well-Integrated Being-Fully-in-Charge Being-Honestly-Together Being-Perfectly-Invulnerable Becoming-More-Integrated Being-Fully-and-Properaly-Conformed Facilitating-Integrations Congrolling-Conformity Transcending-Prerequisites Setting-Perfected-Prerequisits Facilitating-Creativity Maintaining-Perfected-Prerequisits Facilitating-Liberations Maintaining-Good-Order Insuring-Integrative-Dialogues Insuring-Conformity Mitgating-Alienations Controlling-Coalitions Mitigating-Conflicts Winning-Conflicts We can affirm and demonstrate both Personal-and-Communal Integrity in Long-Term-Sustainable Life-Styles - - - Only so long as we Coherently Affirm-and-Demonstrate the Life-Styles of True-Lovers While avoiding Seduction into Affirming-Demonstrating Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies! The Contrasting-Parts of the Contrasting-Life-Styles are Engaged-in-Alienative-Conflicts with each other - - - in Mutually-Incompatable-Ways! The Contrasting-Parts Cannot-Be-Integrated in any Open-and-Honest-Way that Can-Lead to Effective-Cooperation. The Parts of Domineering-Bullies Life-Styles Cannot-Be-Integrated in any Open-and-Honest-Way that Can-Lead to Effective-Cooperation - - - BECAUSE: 1. Bullies cannot trust each other - - - who wants to Dominate-All-Bullies! 2. Bullies cannot trust each other - - - who wants to Deceive-all-Competators! 3. Bullies cannot with their Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception in any sustainable way! 4. Bullies cannot safely publish their Best: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Techniques! 5. Bullies cannot tolerate Affirmations-and-Demonstrations of Personal-and-Communal Integrity! To Demonstrate Over-All-Sustainable-Integrity - - - We Must-Undersand-and-Clarify how Each-Part of the Two-Contrasting Life-Styles - - - Is in Alienative-Conflict - - - With the Contrasting Part of the Other-Life-Style! There are Part-By-Part Alienative-Conflicts across-the-divide - - - Not Merely an Over-All General-Conflict. The Key to one Part functioning well from the point of view of one Life-Style - - - Is to Undermine the effectiveness of a Paired-Part in the Contrasting Other-Life-Style; And-Vice-Versa. ================================================================================================ There is NOT Complete-Symmetry in the contrasts between the Parts of the Contrasting-Life-Styles. True-Lovers Life-Style Empowers True-Lovers to Cooperate: Openly, Honestly and Truly with each other. Domineering-Bullies Life-Style Undermines the Possibility of Domineering-Bullies Cooperating Openly, Honestly and Fully - - - with each other - - - because their Life-Style inhibits Domineering Bullies from ever fully: 1. Trusting Each Other, even as friends. 2. Engaging fully in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues. 3. Trusting Domineering-Bullies Who-are-Strangers. 4. Letting each other be More-Dominant. 5. Letting Others Win at Concentrating Wealth and Power. 6. Letting others have more Powerful-Leadership-Positions. 7. Entering into Open-and-Honest-Intimate-Relationships - - - Which Facilitate and Empower Truly-Effective: Mitigations-of-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts; Cooperation and Creativity in Resolving-Dilemmas and Solving-Technical-Problems. It is clear that in the Long-Term True-Lovers will become more and more effective In Articulating and Demonstrating the: Integrity, Sustainability and Durability of Their Robust Life-Styles. In contrast: Domineering-Bullies Are-Stuck in Deep-Track that Lead-Over-The-Edges of canyons where Domineering-Bullies keep Going-Straight-Ahead to Maintain their Ridgid-Standards. True-Lovers, on the other hand, are: flexible, tough and robust in Evolving-Environments which they do not try to control dishoestly. They can sustain each other in creative ways! They can survive-together in the Creative-Ways-of-Shalom - - - fully informed and thoughtfully responsive in colaborative ways to each others most healthy and basic needs. Domineering-Bullies are always in competition with each other for concentrating the greatest: Wealth, Power and Influence - - - Rather than for having the greatest: Understanding, Communications, Insights, Wisdom and Conflict-Mitigation-Skills.