The meaning of every text depends upon the con-text in which the text is encountered and interpreted: 1. The text before and following the particular text - - - affects the meanings found in the text that is found between the early - - - and the later-texts. 2. The life-experiences of the readers before and following the reading of the text - - - affect the Long-Term-Meanings found in the text that is read after-the-former- experiences and before-the-following-experiences; thus different people who have different experiences - - - find different meanings in a common text; and so, many people end-up-in-alienative-conflicts between those different meaning thus found. (The kinds and levels of alienative-conflicts depend greatly upon how insecure, secure; confident and/or doubt-filled the various people are.) 3. Concepts, Vocabularies Languages and Linguistic-Syntaxes which were internalized before reading and interpreting a text - - - can greatly influence the readers' discoveries of diverse meanings within some common text - - - that has been encountered within deferring con-texts by significantly different people at different points in their differing lives. 4. Concepts, Vocabularies Languages and Linguistic-Syntaxes which were internalized after reading and interpreting a particular text - - - can in retrospect influence the long-term-meanings found in that text; reconsidered in retrospect in light of subsequent experiences and new understandings of what was and is possible. 5. In the context of all of the above, how can we reliably hope to discover the Absolute-Truth of any Absolute-Text - - - without having an Absolutely-Reliable- Correct-Context within which to read and interpret the Absolutely-True-Text with Absolute-Confidence and Admirable-Humility that frees us totally of Conceit-and-Bias. 6. Domineering-Bullies who view themselves as clearly-superior-and-transcendent-persons - - - are likely to make the mistake of assuming-and/or-feeling that their own perceptions of the meaning of a text is - - - THE TRANSCENDENT AND ABSOLUTE meaning of the text - - - Especially if they are immersed fully within playing their own - - - Favorite Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception- - - Within their own coalition where they play The-Dominant-Roles - - - sure of themselves.