Each overall effort to help to Mitigate our Own Alienative-Conflicts needs to attend to and include informed consideration of the histories of and perspectives of: 1. The diverse kinds of participants and their distinctive characteristics, needs, desires, wants, and rationales. 2. Bystanders, news-organizations, political-commentators, web-bloggers, tweeters, and cell-phone-activists that are involved in the Alienative-Conflicts. 3. Within the context of the above, the identification of: a. Conflicting: Assumptions, Biases, Prejudices, Attitudes, Opinions, Reasoning-Processes, Logic, etc. b. Conflicting: Interests, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Vices, Desirers, Expectations, etc. c. Conflicting: Demands, Promises, Commands, Contracts, Covenants, Duties, etc. d. Conflicting: Anxieties, Fears, Terrors, Risks, Costs, Vulnerabilities, etc. e. Conflicting: Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters, Corporations, Terrorists, etc. f. Conflicting: Armies, Governments, Nations, Multi-National-Corporations, etc. 4. The clarification of participants', victims' and by-standers' conceptions of what are: a. Their own Duties-and-Responsibilities regarding Personal-and-Communal Integrities and Integration-Processes; including all basic forms of Health-Care for Vulnerable-People. b. Their consensuses about Well-Integrated-Clusters of Interdependent-Mutually- Supportive: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Hopes, Aspirations, Expectations. c. Their consensuses about Destructive-Clusters of Alienative: Desires, Demands, Commands, Injunctions, Prescriptions, Proscriptions, Taboos, Expectations, Assumptions, Prejudices, Biases, Hopes, Fears, Terrors, Vulnerabilities, Dependencies, Codependencies, Taxes, Penalties, Punishments, Exclusivities, Segregations, Domination, etc. d. Understandings and Consensuses about the kinds-and-extents-of-vulnerabilities that are essential to personal-and-communal - - - Processes-of-Integration and Present-Integrities. e. Understandings and Consensuses about Inaccurate-and-Misleading Descriptions- and-Representations of Relevant-Inter-relationships among objective-and- reflexive realities-and-relationships. f. Understandings and Consensuses about how Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing- Mobsters - - - Seduce-Vulnerable-People into Disintegrative-Relationships- with-them by Pretentious: Hints, Promises, Suggestions, Offers, etc. - - - which they cannot deliver and/or have no authentic intentions of delivering anything of value to those who are vulnerable. g. Understandings and consensuses that people are often inherently gifted and/or handicapped - - - in regards to their abilities to function at-all-well within each other's domains of: understanding, talents and inherited-gifts. ( What one person enjoys as normal - - - can be unimaginable to another person; unthinkable, beyond comprehension, impossible-to-believe, etc.) h. Understandings and Consensuses about how various patterns of: Behaviors Personal-Relationships Domination Submission Addictions Codependencies Violence Coercion Exclusivity Power-Concentrations Alienation Excommunications Terrors Wealth-Concentrations Terrorism Wars Winning Losing-and-Submitting Surrender etc. Elicit-Various: Emotions And-Senses-of: Security Comfort Discomfort Rationalizations Collusive-Games of MSD i. Understandings and Consensuses about how various peoples' differing senses of "what is normal" - - - are often the roots of enduring Alienative-Conflicts that undermine both Personal-and-Communal: Integrative-Processes, Present- Integrities, Health, Creativity and Abilities to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative Conflicts for our own Good - - - as persons and as whole communities.