Sustainable-Live-Styles involved participants in Learning-How-to-Mitigate Their-Own Internal-Conflicts (Personal-and-Communal) among their Own-Divers: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, HOpes, Dreams, Fantasies and Ground-for-Hope in Integrative- Expectations. It is especially challenging for Healthy-True-Lovers and Fearful-Domineering-Bullies: To-Work-Cooperatively-Together to Mitigate-Their-Own-Internal-Conflicts (Both-Personal-and-Communal) Their Contrasting-Life-Styles revolve around Alienative-Conflicts over whether-or-NOT they can Long-Term-Sustain Themselves-Together within God's Astronomically-Tiny- Space-Ship-Earth - - - By the Even-Numbered-Beliefs-Below; or - - - By the Odd-Numbered-Beliefs-Below: 1. Winners cannot in the Long-Term Sustain-Themselves in the Absence-of-Losers. 2. Winners cannot in the Long-Term Sustain-Themselves if there are More-Losers Than-Winners. 3. To be Long-Term-Winners you must excel in being effectively and exclusively: Assertive, Self-Confident, Efficient, Forceful, Power-Concentrators, Wealth-Concentrators, Coalition-Builders, Dominant, Controllers, Egocentric, Certain, Doubt-Free, Pretentious, and Overwhelmingly-Superior. 4. For US to Be-Long-Term-Winners - - - within Robust-Enduring-Healthy-Communities - - - we must cooperate with all others within the Sanctuary-Communities within God's-Astronomically Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth - - - that is Essentially-Isolated from all Extraterrestrial-Pure- Resources that are most like the Pure: Fossil-Fuels, Pure-Minerals, Air, and Water now Within-God's-Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth - - - and are being exhausted/polluted by Domineering-Bullies' Exponentially-Growing-Populations and Exponentially-Growing Per-Capita-Rates of Resource-Consumption within God's-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth. 5. To be Long-Term-Winners we must Purify-our-Ranks and Exclude From-our-Privileged-Ranks people who are: Weak, Vulnerable, Sickly, Poor, Doubtful Handicapped, Undisciplined, Rebellious, Non-Conformists, Disobedient, and Unwilling to make the sacrifices that are essential to US being the Few-Final-Winners-To-Survive all Destructive-Competitions. 6. We cannot Long-Term Survive within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth in Astronomical- Isolation from Extra-Terrestrial-Coveted-Resources - - - without Sharing-Equally-in-Distributive- Justice and its essential patterns of: Generosity, Hospitality and Mutual-Cooperation in Long-Sustained Communal-Sanctuaries for ALL-Vulnerable-People in the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth. 7. To be Outstanding-Long-Term-Winners, we must Isolate-Ourselves from Long-Term-Losers and their: Reputations, Life-Styles, and WEAK: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Hopes, Dreams, Fantasies and Grounds for Expecting people to cooperate without coercion. 8. To reliably demonstrate Long-Term-Sustainable-Life-Styles; we must seek to cooperate with ALL members of the crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth in Mitigating-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts that are related to Inhumane-Patterns of Destructive-and-Alienative: Domination Violence Coercion Arrogance Egocentricism Conflicts Greed Polarizations Dichotomies Hubris Contentions Negations Denigrations Luxuries Getting-More Pretentions Power-Concentrations and Wealth-Concentrations