A significant measure of how healthy and well integrated a community is - - - can be: the fraction of the people that are involved in healthy and well integrated dialogues that are: 1. Open-and-Honest, 2. Balanced-and-Mutually Agreeable, 3. Robust-and-Sustainable in the Long-Term, 4. Known to other in meaningful ways, 5. Free of Domination and Coercion, 6. Respected by Friends and Relatives, 7. Supportive of Exploration and Creativity, 8. Supportive of Overall Personal and Communal Integrity, 9. Supportive of Personal and Communal Health, 10. Respected by Other People's Healthy-Needs. The Dilemma-of-Capitalism is that Few-Capitalists have distinguished-themselves by focusing clearly-and convincingly upon the challenges of articulating-and- demonstrating coherent-sets of mutually-complementary: ideals, values, principles, virtues and Grounds-for-Hope that are: Authentic, Transparent, Robust and Long-term- Sustainable. In tragic ways, many of the most famous capitalists have distinguished themselves by focusing narrowly upon: Profits Concentrating-Wealth Concentrating-Powers Manufacturing-Goods Advertising Growth-in-Sales Appearances Deception but rarely, if ever upon any coherent set of mutually complementary: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Long-Term-Hope - - - that are Authentic, Transparent, Robust and Long-Term-Sustainable in God's Astronomically-Tiny Space- Ship-Earth. In the absence of any Famous and Coherent-Articulation-and-Demonstration of Capitalism as a Long-Term-Integrative-and-Admirable Way-of-Life and a Life-Style-With-Integrity In-and-of-Itself - - - many Capitalists have become known as people who Articulate-and- Demonstrate the Tragic-Consequences of the following Unbalanced-Characteristics: Greed Domination Wealth-Concentrations Power-Concentrations Pretentions Dishonesty Duplicity Incoherence Isolationism Competition Conflict Alienation Corruption Colonialism Part of the Dilemma-of-Capitalists is that the most ardent supporters of Capitalism are the most "successful" businessmen who became "successful" because of Refined-Greed. Greed has often been the purifying factor in defining the nature of "Pure-Capitalism". Integrity, HOnesty, Coherence, Transparency, etc.- - - have been in the invisible- background". To the extent that the above is an accurate description of actual-capitalists; their dilemma is that an honest description of actual-capitalism - - - would expose how actual-capitalism LACKS any INHERENT: Integrative, Coherent and Authentic CORE: Cluster of Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-for-Hope that TRANSCEND-GREED in ways that are: Authentic, Transparent, Robust and Long-Term-Sustainable-and-Honorable. The dilemma of True-Lovers is that it is harder to focus helpfully upon lacks and absences - - - than to focus irritatingly-present-realities. That which is Not-Present is not detectable by the use of sense-organs in human bodies; and generally is not objectively verifiable. That which is NOT-PRESENT is detectable only in terms of Reflexive-Criteria which declare that "it" "should" be-present. Such criteria are not Objective-Realities; they are Reflexive-Realities and it is common for there to be Alienative-Conflicts, with Reflexive-Realities being major foci in the conflicts. We have difficulties in our efforts to Mitigate Our-Own-Conflicts over that which is "Felt-to-be-Absent" by some people; but has never been known, and is not missed - - - by most others! How can you generate any authentic consensus - - - that what has never been known by many people, is tragically absent/missing?