It is unreasonable, unwise and/or imprudent to EXPECT to discover-or-create any Comprehensive/Descriptive set of REFLEXIVE-LAWS pertaining HELPFULLY/GRACIOUSLY to: Healthy-Basic-Humane-needs, and Personal-and-Communal-Relationships, and Personal-and-Communal-Conflicts and Mitigations-of-our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts: In-the-Same-Style as the Objective-Descriptive Laws-of-Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry and the other "Exact-Sciences. ====================================================================================== Whenever the foci-of-our-attentions include: Persons, Their-Reflexive-Relationships, Personal-Intimacies and Their-Communities - - - we cannot be honest-with-personal and communal INTEGRITIES and INTEGRATIVE-PROCESSES - - - in the PURELY-OBJECTIVE-EXACT- WAYS of EXACT-SCIENTISTS - - - who are as Isolated-As-They-Can-Manage-To-Be - - - - From-The-Focus of their Analytic-Efforts which focus IS-Upon-Isolated-Parts in the Disintegrative-Ways of Purely-Objective-Analytic-Scientists. INTEGRITY HAS NEVER BEEN THEIR-PRIME-FOCUS! ====================================================================================== It is still possible and necessary to LET-GO of our favorite Collusive-Games-of-Mutual- Self-Deception - - - so that we can Engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about: INTEGRITY-WITHIN: 1. How we need to Cooperate in Meeting the Most-Basic-Healthy-Needs-of-All-Members of the Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth; 2. Forever-Essentially-Isolated-as-it-is From all Extraterrestrial-Pure-Material-Resources; 3. Most-Like the Pure-Material-Resources Most-Coveted within God's-Space-Ship-Earth; 4. And most quickly being exhausted by Exponentially-Growing-Populations with their Exponentially-Growing-Rates-of-Consumption of the Most-Coveted-Material-Resources. 5. Efforts to Graciously-Help-Each-Other-Being-Together in the Many-Gracious-Ways-of-Shalom; 6. Working-Collaboratively to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts and; 7. Working-Collaboratively to Mitigate-Our-Own-Traditions of Alienation, Violence, Coercion . . . 8. Efforts to DESCRIBE Graciously-and-Accurately the ways in which most Alienative-Conflicts are Created, Augmented and Sustained- - - and the roles played therein by our BEST: Ideals Values Principles Virtues Goals, Hopes Aspirations Visions Dreams Fantasies etc. which are poorly integrated in any global sense; within any Global-Pattern of Consensuses among all: Nations Cultures Religions Economies Professions. 9. How-to-Let-Go of Alienative-Hopes-and-Aspirations which are related in various ways to: (a) Taking Unilateral Actions in the absence of Integrated-Patterns-of-Cooperation. (b) Being-In-Control-of-Human-Relationships. (c) Being-"Superior-People" in some Ego-Centric-Ways-of-Domination. (d) Unilaterally-Achieving "Security" and/or "Invulnerability" through the use of Reliably-Alienative - - - Tools Means Techniques Technologies Weapons Defenses Strategies Tactics Sciences Pretentions Arrogance Coercion Threats Attacks Misrepresentations Negations Polarizations Dichotomies Denigrations And-Myths-about-their-Redemptive-Powers. (e) Concentrations of: Wealth Power Influence Controls Defenses Mansions Forts Boundaries Walls