Domineering-Bullies rarely understand or acknowledge that: 1. They know very little about the Point-of-View and Perspectives-of Their-Enemies and/or of the "Evil-People" whom they have identified and regard as Their-Enemies; whose behaviors they want to influence or change by Threats-and-Violence. 2. That their enemies will probably not respond to threats-and-violence - - - in any way that the Uninformed-and-Prejudiced Domineering-Bullies are likely to Expect-or-Predict - - - BECAUSE OF THEIR STATE OF ALIENATION-AND-ISOLATION. 3. Destroying some of their enemies; is likely to create More-New-Enemies - - - than the Number-of-Enemies-Destroyed - - - due to their influence upon spectators of the destruction of Innocent-People by Domineering-Bullies who specialize in seeing Guilt-By-Association on-their-battle-fields where the civilians and combatants have not been separated in advance. 4. The above patterns of ignorance, confusion, prejudice, and tragic-unilateral-behaviors will not be mitigated by any efforts of Domineering-Bullies and/or by other Arrogant- People who are like Domineering-Bullies.