Different-Communities differ as to what different-forms-of-the-following - - - should be regarded by members of the community as: tolerable, acceptable, healthy, normal, helpful, integrative, admirable, honorable, essential, etc. - - - OR-NOT! Friendships Intimacies Being-Sexual-Beings Sexual-Pleasures Religiosity Doctrines Traditional-Rituals Intimate-Relationships Political-Acts Politics Economic-Systems Economic-Relationships Self-Esteem Self-Confidence Mixtures-of-Above Purifications-of-the-Above The Key-Questions in each civilization pertain to which of the above are: Long-Term-Sustainable-With-Integrity - - - Within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space- Ship-Earth - - - IN-THE-ABSENCE-OF Well-Integrated-Clusters of Mutually-Complementary: IDEALS VALUES PRINCIPLES GOODS VIRTUES HOPES ASPIRATIONS SANCTUARIES INTIMACIES WHILE - - - Astronomically-Essentially-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial-Material- Resources that are Pure Like-the-Most-Coveted-Pure-Material-Resources in Space-Ship- Earth and are being Exhausted by Exponentially-Growing-Demands FOR-MORE when there is no true-grounds-for-hoping-for-any RESUPPLY-SHIP ever arriving from Out-There to RESUPPLY-GREED - - - Within-God's-Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth! What should we do when many people share the consensus that there exist many occasions when and where many of the above suggested realities are NOT Long-Term-Sustainable with either Personal or Communal Integrity. Seal a fast-growing-population-of-worms in a piece of food - - - inside a tightly-sealed-glass-jar, and watch what happens over many weeks - - - looking at it in a meditative mood every morning! Central in the dilemmas pointed to above - - - is the question: "What aspects of human- beings and our-relationships can we with integrity: modify, change or control - - - in ways that minimize our participation in Disintegrative-Processes - - - that may, in the extreme cases, be totally unilateral? Where shall we look for wise and prudent guidance?