Some people believe that they have "Rights-To": 1. Create Alienative-Conflicts between/among other people. 2. Exclusive control over certain people. 3. Exclusive control over certain personal-relationships. 4. Take-Unilateral-Actions to meet their own needs. 5. Exclusive-Control over some territory on the surface of God's-Space-Ship-Earth. 6. Control over a Volume-of-Space inside of God's-Space-Ship-Earth. 7. Exclude people from a Territory of a Volume of Space-Ship-Earth. 8. Control what people: think imagine, feel, see and say. 9. Control communications between and about people. 10. Control reasoning processes within and among people. 11. Prescribe aspects of people's Life-Styles. 12. Proscribe aspects of people's Life-Styles. 13. Describe aspects of people's Life-Styles. 14. Gossip about aspects of people's Life-Styles. 15. Alienate people from each other as is convenient to them. 16. Help people to become reconciled with each other. 17. Help people to Mitigate Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts. 18. Control the patterns of alienation among people. 19. Control the patterns of reconciliation among people. 20. Control the patterns of Concentrations of Wealth and Power Among-People. To make Gracious-Integrative-Contributions to Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and- Integrities - - - we need to: 1. Perceive and Honestly-Acknowledge our own current: Contexts Situations Relationships Alienative-Conflicts Talents Resources Limits Limitations Abilities Opportunities Blockages Inhibitions Challenges Traps Prisons and Collusive-Games of-mutual-Self-Deception Obstacles and engage in open-and-honest-dialogues about the above in the contexts of Authentic-Sanctuary-Communities that set people free to Mitigate-Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts and the associated Risks, Costs and Alienations. 2. Envision Diverse-Possible Well-Integrated-and-Healthy FUTURE: Contexts Situations Reconciled-Relationships Intimacies Talents ` Resources Freedoms Liberations Abilities Opportunities Transcendences Relaxations Revelations Visions as they may exist in the future - - - due to Gracious-Initiatives in Shalom. 3. Do-Likewise for Essential-Transition-Times-and-Processes between now and whatever Well-Integrated-and-Healthy FUTURE there may come-to-be. 4. Allow-Different-People TO FOCUS at their own choices upon Creative-Ways upon the Distinctively-Different-Aspects of all of the above Over-All-Processes - - - so that each person can do so helpfully and graciously - - - with both Personal and Communal Integrity - - - in their own distinctively different creative ways of Shalom/LOVE. 5. Be-Aware-of and Beware-of-People who seek to be Unilaterally-In-Control of the Overall- Process! It is Exceedingly-Unlikely that Any-Good is likely to come from such efforts!