Domineering Bullies are-prone to be critical of True-Lovers' Accurate-Descriptions of how Domineering-Bullies' Behaviors Augment-Alienative-Conflicts and so Augment-Patterns- of-Enduring-Alienation. Domineering-Bullies are not-prone to offer Gracious-More-Accurate-Descriptions and/or offer Integrative-Affirmations of Coherent-Clusters of Mutually-Complementary- - - if they find True-Lovers' Accurate-Descriptions "troubling". Domineering-Bullies are not in the business of clarifying and integrating any: Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues to Coherent-Clusters which by general consensus are Fully-Trusted by the vast majority of the members of the crew of God's Astronomically- Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth. To the extent that any community is Guided-Primarily by: ======================================================================================= Authorities Unilateralists Isolationists Authoritarian Assertive-People Specialists Formalities Proprieties Technocrats Superior-People Technicians Engineers Militarist Corporations Advertisers Wealth-People Powerful-People Rules Rulers Domineering-People Emperors Standards Prohibitions Prescriptions Exclusive-People Taboos Excommunicators Negators Exclusive-Clubs Exclusive-Tribes Negators Denigrators Polarizers Dichotomizers Arrogant-People Judgmentalists Submissive Yes-Men Yes-Women Codependent-Supporters Pretentious-People Always: Playing-to-WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception ======================================================================================== To the above extent - - - such a community will NOT-Be-Able-To-Demonstrate-Integrity IN: Healthy Friendships, Open-and-Honest-Dialogues and/or Intimate-Relationships. Being-Together as Healthy-Well-Integrated Sexual-Mortals in Shalom's Many Gracious-Ways. True-Lovers demonstrating how to Love-their-Neighbors as they Love-Themselves-Authentically. Building True-Sanctuaries in which to be Safely-Together in Risky-Intimate-Relationships. Building True-Sanctuaries in which to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about all True-Needs. Sustain True-Sanctuaries in which to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about all True-Needs. Helping Each-Other to Mitigate Our Own-Alienative-Conflicts within diverse realms we live in: Intra-Personal Inter-Personal Ideological Religious Scientific Intimacies Intra-Communal Inter-Communal Political Economic Engineering Sexuality Seeking to get our Authentic and Most-Basic Needs-Satisfied in Communally-Honored-Ways-of-Love.