We cannot be liberated from our own Addictions-and-Codependent-Supporters WITHOUT: Letting-Go of our own tendencies to feel that we have the: DUTY, RIGHT, PRIVILAGE, MISSION and/or CALLING to: UNILATERALLY-Liberate-Others who-are-victims of THE-DEVIL'S: Addictions Codependents Ignorance Confusions Evils Seducers Sins Immorality Provincialism Impurities Ignorance Greed Poverty Luxuries Impotence Doubts Complexities Imperfections Vulnerability Riskls Errors Tragedies Lack-of-Faith Lack-of-Beliefs False-Faiths Seductions Pleasures etc. The dilemma for all of us, is that the people who regard the above as a normal and natural; are bound to get stuck driving down the middle of a rut, without any sense of what is above the rut; while they are emprisoned-in-their-rut and limited-vision of what True-Lovers Are-Doing.