Often, the most-tragic-and-perverse aspect of A-High-Level-Crime and/or An-Alienative-Conflict - - - Is how the people who either committed the crime and/or were complicit-in-the- crime and/or conflict - - - Concealed-the-Crime and/or Alienative-conflict - - - FROM: Outsiders, Victims, and From-Themselves! The Alienation generated by a High-Level-Crime and/or an Alienative-Conflict plays a Major-Role in Concealing-the-Nature of the High-Level-Crime and/or An- Alienative-Conflict - - - Because the perpetuators have the Concentrated-Power that is Needed - - - To Cover-Their-Tracks in the Sands-of-Time-Insensitivity-and-Forgetfullness. The Most-Essential-Aspects of the Gracious-Processes of - - - Helping-People to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - May in fact be in helping people to Come-to-Terms with the facts of how they have been Unknowingly-Complicit in the Generation-of-and-Perpetuation of Confusing and Self-Concealing High-Level-Crimes-Against Humanity, Civility and Civilization - - - By Playing Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - About the Nature-Of Their-Hidden-Complicity through their Insensitivity-TO and Indifference-To the Great-Contrasts between the Luxuries-they-have-Enjoyed with Relatively-Little-Effort - - - Compared to the Poverty IN: Education, Housing, Diet, and Health-Care - - - that others have suffered - - - in spite of having worked very hard and diligently all of their lives. The Poor-and-Vulnerable are often blamed for their Poverty-and-Vulnerability - - - when the real causes of their Poverty-and-Vulnerability are hidden in the processes by which Domineering-Bullies "successfully" concentrated: Powers, Wealth and Influence into the Governing-Boards of Military-Industrial-Congressional- Complexes, Political-Parties, Religious-Institutions, Lobby-Coalitions, News- Rooms, Television-Stations and Radio-Stations.