Domineering-Bullies do not deal well with Exponentially-Growing rates-of- consumption of limited-supplies of material-resources in God's-Astronomically- Tiny Space-Ship-Earth - - - which is Essentially-Isolated from all Extra- Terrestrial-Material-Resources most-like the Material-Resources Most-Coveted within God's-Space-Ship-Earth - - - and Essential-to-Advanced-Modern- Civilizations-in-Space-Ship-Earth. Neither are Domineering-Bullies Engaged in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about their Limited-Abilities to LET-GO-OF: Greed Arrogance Violence More-than-Enough Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, Pretentious: Duties, Responsibilities, Missions and Powers, Unilateral-Patterns-of-Alienative-Behaviors, Myths-Affirming-Redemptive-Powers of Violence-Coercion-and-Domination, Concentrations of Wealth, Power and Influence, Profitable: Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes, Untestable: Doctrines and Descriptions of God, Heaven and Hell, Profitable-Alienative-Conflicts, Profitable-Alienative-Addictions, Profitable-Networks-of-Codependent-Supporters. The above are in some senses the Ultimate-Concerns which Domineering-Bullies Worship with Ultimate Concern - - - as in idolatry. Domineering-Bullies cannot LET-GO-OF any of the above - - - without giving up the essence of their: Life-Styles, Ideals, Values, Principles, Goals, Spirits, Gods, Heroes and Technologies - - - which are all Essentially-Alienative-Realities With-Which-They-Are-Trapped in Futile-Efforts-To-Succeed-Unilaterally-In-Control.