We may understand: Heroes, Angels, Spirits, Gods and Paradigms - - - as embodying the Widely-Shared and Apparently-Coherent Visions-and-Consensuses of Communities that are in-Agreement about what Clusters-of: Ideals Values Principles Approaches Missions Plans Virtues Traditions Assumptions Technologies Duties Goals - - - Make the most sense in the light of their own Shared-Experiences. At the Boarders between different such communities, people who embody the differences between such communities - - - are likely to find themselves engage in Ego-Centric-Conflicts over: 1. Territories-Claimed to "Be-Their-Own", 2. Limited-Resources-Claimed to "Be-Their-Own", 3. "Absolute" Truths and Beliefs, 4. Who-is-Superior and Who-is-Inferior, 5. The natures of Heroes, Angels, Spirits, Gods, etc. Not all people and communities are equally coherent and well-integrated as Authentic-People-and-Communities. People-and-Communities cling to Tragically-Misleading-and-Incoherently-Isolated: Assumptions Beliefs Greed Arrogance Things Possessions Wealth Powers Ideals Values Principles Approaches Missions Plans Virtues Traditions Assumptions Technologies Duties Goals What is missing is the integration of all into a coherent whole upon which members of the community have focused in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues and come to Graciously-Arrived-At-Consensuses. What people tenaciously cling to in Alienative-Ways - - - are the Roots of their Alienative-Conflicts - - - Which-Destroy-Them - - - as their patterns of Civility and Civilization FALL, and as their glories are destroyed by their Enduring- Alienative-Conflicts which the fail to Attend-to-and-Mitigate. All Civilizations are Truly-Great Only to the extent that their: - - - Angels, Spirits, Gods, Paradigms and Heroes - - - Focus their attention upon - - - Gracious, Generous and Hospitable Patterns of Mitigating - - - Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts; and upon - - - Building for ALL people in their communities - - - Open-Sanctuaries within which to Enjoy-Each-Other's-Presences within - - - Open-and-HOnest-Dialogues about how to Graciously Meet ALL of each Other's - - - Most-Essential-Humane-Healthy-Needs within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth That is Essentially Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial Pure-Material-Resources Which are most like those Most-Coveted within God's Tiny Space-Ship-Earth Dominated by Humans' Exponentially-Growing Populations-and-Daily-Consumptive-Demands.