Because all of the following Lack-Integrity and Authenticity - - - Their-Essences are all Self-Destructive of Themselves-and-of-the-persons-and-communities - - - Within which they exist-with-honor; and wherein-they-are Alienative Motivators-and-Leaders: 1. Domineering-Bullies, 2. Mobbing-Mobsters, 3. Pretentious-People, 4. Greedy-People who Hoard-Excesses, 5. Economic-Systems that Take-Greed-for-Granted, 6. Isolated/Alienated "Superior-People", 7. Self-Righteous and Arrogant-People, 8. Militarists and Isolationists, 9. The Most-Narrowly-Specialized-Technocrats, 10. The "Greatest" Concentrators of Wealth-and-Powers, 11. The Most-Wealthy and Powerful Exclusive-People, 12. The Most-Technocratic-Security-Councils, 13. Long-Term Unsustainable-Life-Styles, 14. Alienated Members-of-the-Crew of God's Astronomically Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth, 15. People Fighting to Control Limited Pure-Resources, 16. People Fighting over Who is the Superior-One, 17. People Fighting over Who will be In-Control, 18. People Fighting over Who is Most-Righteous, 19. Leaders of Profitable Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes, 20. Leaders in Preparing to be Ready to Fight a Nuclear War to Destroy the Last City, 21. Leaders in Preparing to SURVIVE Fighting a Nuclear War to Destroy the Last City, 22. Leaders Affirming the Logic of Mutually-Assured-Nuclear-Destruction, 23. Leaders Affirming the Redemptive Powers of Violence, 24. Leaders Affirming the Redemptive Powers of Alienative Activities, 25. Leaders toward the Winning of our Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. =================================================================================== The People Whom-We-Truly-Know within Open-and-Honest-Dialogue - - - Within Our-Most-Intimate-Relationships - - - That Transcend the above Unkind-Relationships - - - ARE NOT OUR ENEMIES! =================================================================================== Our Worst and Most-Dangerous-Enemies are - - - OUR-OWN-INTERNALIZED ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS - - - Which we keep hidden within our Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. Our Worst and Most-Dangerous-Enemies are Hidden-With Our-Own Alienative: Assumptions Attitudes Approaches Ignorance Prejudices Provincialisms Arrogance Egotism Dichotomies Polarizations Conflicts Greed Grudges Denigrations Revenge Negations Contentions Exclusivity Luxuries Bullies Terrors Terrorists Wars Attacks Alienators =================================================================================== Our-Best-Friends are our Most-Gracious-Reconciling-Leaders Within - - - 1. Reconciliation and Healing-Efforts Among US 2. Helping People to Mitigate Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts in Shalom's Ways 3. Authentic Demonstrations of Hospitality and Generosity to the most vulnerable 4. Demonstrations of the Healing Arts with the poorest and most vulnerable ones 5. Demonstrations of Personal and Communal Integration-Processes and Integrities 6. Shalom's Many-Diverse-Ways of Being-Together-in-Mutually-Enlightening-Dialogues 7. Tolerant-Patience with Integrative-Creative True-Lovers in Reconciling-Work 8. Our-Own Collaborative-Efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts 9. Our Most-Coherent-Clusters of Integrative-Ideals-Values-Principles-and-Virtues 10. Our Most-Coherent-Well-Integrated Communities-of-True-Lovers in Shalom's Ways ===================================================================================