Often the Roots-of-Our-Alienative-Conflicts are Entwined-With: 1. Taboos-Installed-within-US by: Domineering-Bullies Mobbing Mobsters Players of Collusive Games of MSD Religious-Extremists Political-Extremists Economic-Extremists Terrors Terrorists Wars-on-Terrorism Wars-on-Evil-to-Eliminate-Evil Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes that are Highly-Profitable TO-SOME! 2. Our Modern-Forms-of-Idolatry focus upon Isolated-Incoherent-Alienative: Ideals Ideas Ideologies Virtues Hopes Aspirations Coalitions etc. That lead US into the Alienative-Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters. 3. Provincial-Superior-Communities Greed Alienative-Technologies Egocentric-World-Views Exclusive-Communities Hopes for Unilaterally-Achieve-Invulnerability/Security Our Geocentric-Cosmic-Perspectives and hopes for Invulnerability as Our-Key to Security 4. Hopes for Egocentric-Conflict-Resolutions that depend upon Prevailing with Alienative-Technologies. 5. Theories upon which to base claims that we are Superior-People and they are Inferior-People! We cannot help each other member of God's Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-ship-Earth to Mitigate Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - Without doing the Best-We-Can to Let-Go of the above Roots-of-our-Alienative-Conflicts; Within Shalom's
Diverse-Sanctuaries - - - where Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about our own Alienative-Conflicts are
protected and safe for all vulnerable participants. It follows that we-cannot-helpfully-trust-any-technology-or-technocrats - - - That Reliably-Alienate Many-People. We must Let-Go of such Agents-of-Alienation - - - To-Survive! People can be Healthy, Well-Integrated, Authentic and Truly-Admirable - - - Only-to-the-Extent-that they are frequently involved in mutually-satisfying-and-balanced: 1. Open and Honest-Dialogues about the basic healthy needs of all of the crew of Space-Ship-Earth. 2. Intimate-Personal-Relationships, 3. Patterns of Generous-Hospitality, present and absent; 4. Patterns of Collaborative and Cooperative Efforts, present and absent; 5. Mitigations of their Own-Alienative-Conflicts, 6. Letting-Go of Present-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - which cannot be WON, 7. Letting-Go of Present-Myths about the Redemptive-Powers of Alienative-Activities, 8. Working to Transcend Distributive-Injustices in which the majority of wealthy people are complicit, 9. Working to Transcend Domineering-Bullies' Life-Styles, Ideologies and "Advantages"; 10. Working to Transcend Concentrations of Wealth, Power, Influence and their Admirers.