We are often sincere in efforts to "prevent-suffering" on the part of vulnerable and/or disadvantaged people. Often such sincere-efforts-fail to be helpfully-effective; because they-have-failed to include the following important aspects of helpfully-effective efforts: 1. The recognition-of, acknowledgment-of and open-and-honest-descriptions of - - - the root-alienative-conflicts which are generating-the-suffering - - - wherein the descriptions are shared mutually back-and-forth among and with the suffering people - - - until there are consensuses-mutually-confirmed - - - regarding what the participants view as the most likely root-alienative-conflicts. 2. The recognition by those involved in such efforts; that "Outsiders" cannot unilaterally "prevent-suffering" on the part of vulnerable-and-disadvantaged people - - - because such efforts always involve some of the following kinds of tragically misleading errors: a. Outsiders believing that they are in significant ways superior as persons, and that they have superior powers-to-resolve-unilaterally the root-conflicts-properly and effectively for other people. b. The people who are suffering - - - Lose-All-Hope, and so are willing-to-be-submissive. c. The People-who-are-suffering - - - Rebel-and-Adopt the Life-Styles, Attitudes, Assumptions, Ideals, Values, Technologies and Approaches to Dilemmas-and-People - - - Of Domineering Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters. d. The Outsiders Adopt the Life-Styles, Attitudes, Assumptions, Ideals, Values, Technologies, and Approaches to Dilemmas-and-People - - - Of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters; and Destroy all Residual-forms-of Personal-and-Communal-Integrities - - - about which they were unaware and/or indifferent. e. The Outsiders sincerely believe that they know which individual isolated people are responsible for, guilty-of, and should be punished-for - - - Causing-the-Terrible-Suffering. f. The Outsiders sincerely believe that they can intervene with Superior-Force and stop the suffering through unilateral actions on their part - - - in the absence of any cooperation with the people who are being alienated from each other - - - by their Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - which they do not know How-to-Mitigate For-Their-Own-Good - - - through Gracious-Cooperative efforts that Integrate-Gracious-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues within the Gracious-Ways-of-Shalom in God's-Presence Practiced-Daily as did "Brother-Lawrence" - - - hundreds of years before.