Personal-and-Communal Health-and-Integrity are Inter-Dependent - - - along with Personal-and-Communal Integrative-Processes. Neglecting any of the above realities and/or sacrificing any of them - - - threatens- all-of-them - - - and all realities which are dependent upon the above realities. Personal-and-Communal: Intimacies Open-and-Honest-Dialogues Cooperation Collaborations Generosity Hospitality Welcomes Acceptance and Tolerance Are all involved in Essential-Ways with the other realities mentioned above. SO Neglecting any of these realities and/or sacrificing any of them - - - Threatens-ALL-of-them In Essentially-Interdependent-Ways. The above each have both Objective-and-Reflexive Aspects which are Essentially-Interdependent in the Essentially-Inseparable Ways-of-Shalom Many-Gracious-Ways-of-Love. Neglecting and/or sacrificing Open-and-Honest-Dialogues About any of the Objective and/or Reflexive Aspects of Any of the above realities - - - Threatens ALL of the above realities! Be-Aware and Beware of all above mentioned forms of Neglect and/or Sacrifice. Shalom! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are entrapped in the Life-Styles-of-Domineering-Bullies - - - to the extent that we are Preoccupies-With the following realities: 1. Honors-for-and-Admiration of Being-Unilaterally-in-Control of any: Realities, Interactions, Processes and/or Communications - - - that are important to other people. 2. Standards of: Prosperity, Luxuries, Conformity and/or Acceptability 3. Organizations that are Defined-to-a-Significant-Extent by: a. Who is excluded. b. What Ideas and Ideals are excluded. c. What Virtues and Hopes are excluded. d. What Questions and forms of Creativity are excluded. e. What Descriptions and Truths are excluded. f. What Races and Cultures are excluded. g. What Nationalities and Religions are excluded. h. What Forms of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues are excluded. i. What Forms of Scholarship are excluded. 4. Preventing any change in Provincial Standards-and-Expectations regarding Who-Shall- Benefit and Who-Shall-Be-Vulnerable - - - Regardless of the Costs to the vast majority of people thereby affected in God's Astronomically Tiny Space-Ship-Earth. 5. Fears that the following kinds of realities will be exposed to Open-and-Honest-Public-Dialogue: Greed Egocentricity Hoarding Luxuries Desires-for-Invulnerability Arrogance Demands-for-Superior-Levels-of-Security Lack-in-Personal-Authenticity-and-Integrity 6. Fears that True-Lovers and Mitigators of Alienative-Conflicts will Become-More-Influential.