The discussions about these essays - - - which the-writer-of-these-essays wishes-to-stimulate between-readers of-these-essays - - - will be will be discussions that will: 1. Be relevant at least two years after the most recent essays were written. 2. Not-include-the-writer-of-these-essays as a principle participant. 3. Be more relevant to human situations far into the future - - - than to any situations in existence at the time the essays were written, or in the few-years following when the essays were written. 4. Not be about which particular persons merit more or less: honor, respect, trust, admiration, rewards, wealth and/or power. 5. Not be about which particular persons should be: excluded, punished, excommunicated, robbed, attacked, defeated, denigrated, blocked, etc. - - - OR NOT. 6. Transcend issues of: reward and punishment, winning or losing, saying YES or NO, Who is Good or Evil. 7. Transcend preoccupations with concentrations of wealth, power and influence.