A-Domination-Community is Dominated-as-a-Whole by Domineering-People who are Preoccupied with Being-In-Control In-Invulnerable-Ways which are "Long-Term-Sustainable" in keeping with their "Superior-Life-Styles". Domineering-People ALWAYS-WANT-MORE: Power Welath Goods Freedom Stuff Independence Luxuries Invulnerability Loyalty Supporters Slaves Admirers Secrecy Concealment Leisure Honors Simplicity Unity Agreements Controls Conformity Coalitions Exclusivity Security Safety Prestiege Gains Money Bons Stocks Prisons Torture-of-Others The Only-Way in which Domineering-Bullies can Maintain-their-Pretentious-Appearances-of-Admiralbe-Success; is to Lead-in-Playing-Mandatory-Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception which have: 1. No Explicit-Publically-Published-Rules; They-are-all-Secret! 2. No Truthworthy-Referees; They are all Anonoymous! 3. No Winners; Because "Winning" is Impossible! 4. No Tolerance for Drop-Outs; because that is Not-Thinkable! 5. No Clearly-Published-Goals; They are all Secret and Invisible! The Real-Goals are to Make-and-Keep-Secret all of the REAL-Alieantive-Realities of Deomineering-Bullies: Desires Greed Fears Power-Concentrations Wealth-Concentrations Hoarding Fears Anxieties Goals Intentions Luxuries Assumptions Presuppositions Assumptions Thoughts Plans Tactics Strategies Technologies Technocrats Truths Doctrines Rituals Anxieties Terrors Successes Defenses Fortresses Vulnerabilities Forts Attacks Weapons Risks Securities Bonds Stocks Mansions Supporters Tensions Contentions Given all of their unsustainable: wants, demands and expectations; Domineering-Bullies are Bound-to-Them - - - by Fears which they cannot Let-Go and cannot escape; and they cannot admit, acknowledge or describe. They have entraped themselves in their Greed; and cannot resolve their endless own Internalized-Alienative-Conflicts - - - without the help that they Fear-Most; THAT OF TRUE-LOVERS in True-Communal-Sanctuaries that are open as the only places where all of the poor, powerless and disadvantaged people are just as welcome as Domineering-Bullies are all welcome to come to engage in Reconciling Open-and-Honest-Dialogue within the context of Mitigating-All-of-Our- Own-Alienative-Conflicts with the encouragment and assistance of True-Lovers who Live-Within the Gracious-Ways-of SHALOM.