Egocentric-People and Hero-Centered-People often give Inadequate-Attention to: 1. Balanced Clusters of Mutually-Complementary-and-Supportive: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, etc. 2. Consensuses about Objective-and-Well-Confirmed Accurate-Descriptions of Objective-Relationships and Interactions. 3. Consensuses about the Finite-Useful-Natural-Material-Resources in God's-Astronomically-tiny-Space-Ship-Earth. 4. Consensuses about how Essentially-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth is from Practical-Extra-Terrestrial-Material-Resources. 5. How the above will inevitably bring to an end ALL of Human-Mortals' Exponential-Growth-Patterns of material-resource consumption. 6. How Human-Mortals' Civilizations cannot long endure without the Regular-Mitigation-of-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts. 7. How the Sustainability-and-Endurance of Civilizations depend upon the Regular-Mitigation-of-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts. 8. What are the Essential-Foundations for the Reliable-Completion of our Communication-Transactions in Mutual-Confirmations-Thereof. 9. How to recognize that there is a RISKY-ABSENCE of Reliable-Completions of our Communication-Transactions in Mutual-Confirmations-Thereof. 10. How to engage in Reliable-Reflexive/Objective Systems-Analyses of our Communal-and-Personal-Lives in the light of the above texts.