Course Keys **** CENTRAL INSIGHTS Within overall effective efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts; we each need-to-do whatever-we-can-best-do to over-all-increase our-mutual-understandings of each-other's: 1. Most-basic - - - healthy, authentic and essential NEEDS. 2. Most-central-and-tragic - - - roots-of-our-own and each-other's ALIENATIVE: a. fears, anxieties, distrust, suspicions and wanting to-be-in - - FULL-control. b. fears, anxieties, distrust, suspicions of others wanting to have some influence. c. desires to enjoy Total-Security through Total-Invulnerability all-of-the-time. d. fears of anybody knowing/understanding any of our points-of-vulnerability. e. aversions to being involved in Open-Honest-Objective-Reflexive-Risky - - - - dialogues-and-listening mutual-respect collaborations/cooperations systems-analyses resource-management dealing-with-limitations Letting-GO-of: Defenses, Protection, Invulnerability, Domination, Exclusivity 3. Perpetual-Interdependence and NEEDS for the contexts of Healthy-Communities. 4. Perpetual-Interdependence upon Resources within God's Tiny Space-Ship-Earth. 5. Need-to-Understand how Essentially-Isolated Tiny-space-Ship-Earth will-always-be. 6. Need-to-Understand the threats to US of all forms of Exponential-Growth-and-Decay.