In a university level course on helping people to Mitigate their Own-Alieative-Conflicts - - - the following could helpfully be some foci of students' efforts to help Participant-Victims to clarify the ROOTS of Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts with each other: 1. Clearly-Describe the Major-Authentic-Basic-Humane-Needs that most participant-victims share-in-common. 2. Clearly-Describe different: assumptions, values, ideals, unquestioned-convictions, ultimate-concerns, priorities, emphases, etc. - - - of people who view each other with: suspicion, distrust, annimosity, resentment, etc. - - - both stated and implicit. 3. Clearly-Describe various people's favored: techniques, technologies, strategies and other means to advance their own causes - - - apart from any cooperative-efforts between different people. 4. Clear-Describe behaviors which have generated: alienation, suspicion, distrust, annimosity, resentment, conflicts and desires for revenge. 5. Graciously-Describe the contextual and environmental factors that lead people to be irritable; e.g.: a. They are highly-vulnerable because they are trying to protect their Domineering-Defense-Procedures with Futile- Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - which are inherently Not-Winnable. b. They are functioning based upon Pretentious-and-Ego-Centric grounds for believing that they are "Superior-People" Who are Highly-Favored by their Own-Domineering-God in whom all Sacred, Holy and Ultimate Powers-and-Wealth are Concentrated - - - Rather than in Themselves! c. True-Lovers, by their gracious presence, expose the lack of personal integrity in Domineering-Bullies and so make them be irritable. d. Domineering-Bullies try to conceal their points of vulnerability by being pretentious and surrounding themselves with Luxuries that do not hide their points of vulnerability in regards to their ways of concentrating: Wealth, Powers, Influence, Luxuries, etc.