When Stranger == Danger and When Different == Danger - - - we are facing the Tragic-Bitter-Fruits of: Alienations Fears Terrors Anxieties Ignorance Confusions Greed Hoarding Prejudices Biases Addictions Domination Arrogance Egotism Self-Righteousness, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Civility-and-Civil izations whenever Feed-Back-Loops Amplify the above Disintegrative-Realities in the absence of Authentic-True-Lovers who are: dedicated-to, trained-to, ready-to and able-to: Graciously-Help-Other-People to Mitigate-their-Own Alienative-Conflicts and their Hang-Over-Alienations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Civility-and-Civilizations-Fall IN-THE-PRESENCE-OF Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters who affirm in Words and Deeds that they have the Incontestable-Right to engage in Alienative-Behaviors and Alienative-Conflicts For-Profit because as GOOD-CAPITALISTS they have the ABSOLUTE-RIGHT to Maximize-the-Profits earned by their Great-Work In-Charge of MAJOR-CORPORATIONS-FOR-PROFIT as Vulnerable-Persons who need to be protected as Vulnerable-Persons 1. Creating-Goods-and Services - - - with no constraints. 2. Likewise - - - Investing in the Many-Election-Campaigns of Members-of-Congress, Legislatures and Governors of States. 3. Likewise - - - Investing in Lobbyists Working-Within Congress and State-Capitols. 4. Likewise - - - Investing in Nation-Wide Television-Advertising - - - with no constraints! 5. Likewise - - - Investing Without-Limit in Political-Action-Committees Publishing-The-TRUTH about NEEDED-CHANGES. 6. Likewise - - - Investing in the Services of Lawyers to protect their Reputations, Appearances, and Bully-Pulpit-Rights.