To be able to Graciously Help people who are seeking to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - we must work hard on most days to learn how to see others as they-see-themselves - - - as well as to help others to "see them-selves as others see them". We are all very good at "seeing-ourselves" as "we-wish-to-see-ourselves" and as "we-wish-others-to-see-us". We need to learn how to reliably-sort-out the UNRELIABLE "seeing" from the RELIABLE "seeing" - - - else we will not be able to "Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts" which no other persons can "Truly-Mitigate-for-US". We use the following Tragic-Realities to compensate for our not wanting to see ourselves as others see US: 1. The Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception which we regularly-encourage-each-other to Play-to-WIN. 2. The Teams-f\of-Codependent-Supporters of our Multitude-of-forms-of-Addictions - - - as described by Kasal her survey of many forms of Addictions in the 1970s: Alcohol, Tobacco, Work, Romance, Sexual-Adventures, and And-THE-Ideal-Person. 3. The Alienative-Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers which we Dare-Not-Let-Go-Of - - because of how Terrified, Anxious and Fearful we are of being Naked-Without-Them-All as our Essential-Tools-of-Invulnerability which we SEE as Essential-to-our Being-Perfectly-Secure. 4. How we Covet-More of our Well-Deserved-Luxuries of Which-We-Own are More-Than-Enough to Alienate-US-from-the- Vast-Majority of God's-Crew of Her-Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth - - which She has made in Essential- Total-Material-Isolation from the Collections-of-Material-Resources Stored-in-Space-Ship-Earth - - - which are Essential to Briefly-Sustaining the Exponentially-Growing-Rates-of-Consumption in support of the Short- Term-Greedy-Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters like US. People who have never in their life known an authentic intimate relationship of: Trust, Security, Stability and Intimacy in Open-and-Honest-Dialogue - - - are unlikely to be able to function "normally" in a healthy community as a healthy person and contributor to communal-integrity and so to personal-integrity. A community cannot Maintain-Communal-Integrity - - - if the community As-A-Whole Fails-to-Guarantee and Support-the-Presence Within-the-Community-as-a-Whole of: 1. Healthy-Mothers, Healthy-Fathers and Healthy-Families with at least the basic-essentials for Healthy-Living. 2. People-and-Communal groups who accept the Duties-and-Responsibilities of Guaranteeing-Basic-Humane-Rights to: Health, Liberty, Communication-Rights, Communal-Sanctuaries-for-ALL to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about how best to help fulfill ALL-People's-Basic-Needs - - - and about how to facilitate Healthy-Intimate- Relationships as True-Lovers in LOVE'S ways of Shalom. 3. Communal-Efforts to help People-and-Groups to Cooperate in Mitigating-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.