Naively-Assigning Guilt/Shame/Blame due to perceived associations-in-space or social-settings and/or in intimate- private-settings - - - is Not-True-Justice; not prudent, wise, or just action to take by anybody, anywhere at any time, for any reason. Naively-Treating all forms and levels of intimacy as equivalent to each other - - - is not prudent, wise or just --- for similar reasons related to the inevitable undermining of communal and personal integrities. It is not-safe to assume that we can discern a person's true committments, beliefs, political "positions", sexual "orientations" or likely future behaviors by means of reports about: 1. Where they have been seen and with whom in what settings of possible intimacy. 2. What publications they have seen, read, discussed, or passed around to others. 3. Whom they have been seen talking to or been seen near to. 4. Whom they have touched, hugged, kissed, etc. 5. Whose views and perspectives they have shown to know about. 6. What religious and/or political rituals they have been seen to perform. 7. What of the above they have tolerated or tacitly accepted as not calling for firm criticism. 8. What identified evil-people and enemies-of-the-people they have failed to attack in appropriate ways. All of the above "pieces-of-evidence" against unpopular people have been the focus of gossip and/or intense interrorgations in secret places - - - to gain power to mislead naive-fools who do not think-clearly, in terms of reliable-court-relevant-information about what realities are the greatest threats to the integrity of people, communities, governments and democracy with their appropriate systems of "Checks-and-Balances" against the corrupting effects of extreme concentrations of: wealth, power and influence by Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing- Mobsters, Kings, Queens, Emperors, Dictators, etc. - - - who are worshipped by people who lack the courage to think for them-selves in terms of their own unique experiences and perspectives. Some-Misleading-Interpretations of "evidence" are often reliable REAL-EVIDENCE - - - of how the "interpreter" of the "evidence" IS-IN-FACT: ignorant, biased, prejudiced and/or corrupted by the direct and/or indirect influence of extreme concentrations of wealth, powers and/or influence. Authentic-True-Lovers and Wise-Well-Informed-Thoughtful-Persons who are seeking to help people to Mitigate-Their- Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - cannot be well-understood just in terms of the "positions" they are Seen-In or Seen- Taking within expected-and-unexpected settings within: Physical-Space Social-settings Religious-Rituals Political-Rituals Economic-Rituals Romantic-Rituals Scientific-Work Affective-Actions Conventional-Actions Academic-Rituals Private-Actions Honest-Intimacies Such "appearances" have often been "staged" to mislead Tragically-Simplistic-Fools who do not think through all of the possibly relevant kinds of real evidence. Sometimes such "evidence" is purely accidental; and has no reliable significance or meaning; especially when no efforts has been made to evaluate all equally probable interpretations of the "evidence". All fools Be-Aware and Beware of revealing how you are being fools! People often see only what they expect, want or fear most; especially if they are Simplistic-Fools who are unable to think outside the spheres of influence of Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of the above considerations are relevant to evaluating how helpful people are being - - - in efforts to Mitigate- Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts; and/or to help other people to Mitigate-Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts.