The following common inter-related false beliefs, attitudes and perspectives - - - undermine the possibilities of our enjoying True-Shalom, security and peace: 1. Unilateral-Invulnerability is the essential key to Security-and-Peace. 2. Only the Strongest-People can defend the weak against attack and provide true security through unilateral- invulnerability behind perfect-defenses. 3. Weakness invites attacks and defeat. 4. Each kind of Vulnerability invites attacks and defeat. 5. Security is best maintained by experienced Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters. 6. Eternal-Vigilance is essential to Maintaining-True-Security and Peace. Never let your guard down! Never-Relax! 7. In case of doubt, do not trust any stranger; be always fearful, terrified and ready for action. 8. Strive for certainty in perfection and being unilaterally invulnerable as a team! 9. Never reveal your points of vulnerability and doubt! 10. Never trust True-Lovers to defend you. That is Ultimately-Risky in War-Times! The above beliefs fail to lead to toward true: Security, Shalom and Peace - - - because the beliefs lead people to behave in ways which Augment-Alienative: Conflicts Pretentions Dishonesty Prejudices Biases Injustices Violence Coercion Oppression Repression Depression Slavery Genocides Isolation Excommunications Banishments Exclusivity Shunnings Arrogance Self-Righteousness Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes Greed and Hoarding Always-Wanting-More Distributive-Injustice Worshipping-Exponential-Growth Concentrations-of-Wealth-Powers-Luxuries Consumption of Scarce-Resources-within-Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth Acting as if Extra-Essential-Material-Resources can be loaded into Space-Ship-Earth from nearby-planets-and-stars. Acting as if Exponential-Growth in Human-Activities Can-Endure-Forever within Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth. Acting as if the reliable descriptive laws of physics and be changed by Legislative-Action regarding Global-Warming. Pretending that there is some objective economic system that makes capitalism sustain the "common-good-of-all". Pretending that the Market-Place of Individualistic-Self-Interest will Weed-Out people Corrupted-By-Greed. Pretending that Lobbies for Wealthy-People are More-Reliable-Guides than Scientific-Research-and-Open-Publications. Pretending that Global: Warming, Climate-Changes, and Oceans-Rising-into-Most-Huge-Cities are not OUR-NEW-REALITIES. Pretending that Winning-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception will FIX the above - - - Residual-Global-Challenges.