Consider the following visions of a COMMUNITY: A. Seen as a collection-of-Individuals - - - Competing-Contentiously to be Superior and/or Best-as-Individuals - - - Individually-Seeking-Security in Individual-Invulnerability. B. Envisioned as the Gracious-Maturing-Context within which individuals are: 1. Conceived-Cooperatively, 2. Born into a Healthy-Family-Home, 3. Nurtured to be creative-and-cooperative-creators living in an evolving-creative-community of communal-Sanctuaries wherein Informed-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues form the Normal-Foundations for the Personal-and-Communal Articulations-and-Demonstrations of Evolving-Sustainable-Integrative-Priorities. C. Envisioned as Grounded in that which is Utterly-Transcendent - - - - Yet the Real-Question is - - - D. Which is Transcendent - - - - - - - - Compared to no specific "Ground for Comparison" TRANSCENDING MAYBE: 1. Communal-Consensuses among Open-and-Honest-People in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues NOW - - - about their Own-Experiences in True-Communal-Sanctuaries? 2. The Consensus among the Few-Special-Superior-Leaders of a Wealthy and/or Most-Powerful Exclusive-Coalition of Superior-Mortals that are Isolated from the Vast-Majority-of-Mortals? 3. A Coalition-of-Domineering-Bullies who are all well known to the Vast-Majority-of-Mortals? 4. A Coalition-of-Mobbing-Mobsters who are all well known to the Vast-Majority-of-Mortals? 5. Traditions-of-the-Distant-Past among mortals as revealed in the Rhetoric of-Past-Writers of Their-Upper-Class? It is Tragically-and-Simplistically-Futile to talk about "TRANSCENDENT" - - - in the absence of Open-and-Honest-Dialogue in True-Clarity regarding "What-is-Transcended" by that which is "TRANSCENDENT" - - - because it is then impossible to make any HONEST-COMPARISON that has any relevant meaning to anybody. That which is OPENLY-AND-HONESTLY "TRANSCENDENT" will make clear WHAT-is-being-transcended, HOW, BY-Whom, and in the fulfillment of what "TRANSCENDENT" purpose which transcends the purposes of Domineering-Bullies and of Mobbing-Mobsters who are ISOLATED due to UNMITIGATED-ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS WHICH ENDURE!