Some people have tried to detect extra-sensory perceptions of objective-realities; and have not obtained clear-cut-evidence of such perceptions - - - that matches the reliability of objectively-known-sensory-perceptions. A more difficult effort would be an effort to try to show that there are authentic extra-sensory-perceptions of reflexive-sub-conscious-communications between/among mutually-sensitive-people who do: coordinate, cooperate and collaborate in intimate-relationships which clearly transcend what well informed thoughtful-people believe could occur - - - in the absence of contemporaneous extra-sensory-perceptions. By what standards can one decide if such a finding is authentic; rather than rigged, wishful-thinking, and/or like the appearances of skillful magicians? People who "buy-into" the Life-Styles-and-Foci-of-Attention of Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters - - - are not likely to be aware of most aspects of: 1. Reflexive-Personal Intimate-Relationships, 2. Reflexive-Personal-Communications, 3. Reflexive-Personal-Interactions, 4. Reflexive-Personal-Cooperations, 5. True-Lovers Being-Together within Shalom's Many-Creative-Ways, 6. The above suggested Extra-Sensory-Perceptions and 7. People Truly-Mitigating Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts. How are we to detect whether or not the failures of people to detect authentic extra-sensory perceptions are due mostly to: (1) the absence of extra-sensory perceptions; or (2) due to the dispositions of Domineering-Bullies and of People who have internalized many of the: assumptions, attitudes, approaches, beliefs and dispositions of Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters? What kind of people should be trusted to carry out such an investigation - - - without bias? Who can determine the most reliable response to this question? How can we know? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The above are not purely academic questions. There are implications for maintaining healthy human relationships - - - if there are significant non-objective "resonance" between particular "gifted-people". To the extent that some people, for whatever reasons, are more "in-tune" with particular other people who "resonate" with them - - - what is to be done when "Resonance" happen around Domineering-Bullies who expect to be In-Control of other people's communications-and-intimacies - - - and there are "forbidden-resonance" which undermine the possibilities of Domineering-Bullies being "Satisfactorily-in-Control" --- because "forbidden-resonance" leave no objective evidence of their presence. "Resonance" can trouble Domineering-Bullies by undermining their ability to be "Fully-In-Control". "Resonance" can also trouble people who expect that their "Intimate-Relationship" will be "exclusive". What is to be done if a person in such an "Intimate-Relationship" "resonates" with somebody outside the "authorized" "Intimate- Relationship" which people expect to be "Exclusive". Can the "Intimate-Relationship" be kept exclusive; with integrity, in the known presence of any "resonance"? Can an Exclusive-Intimate-Relationship be maintained with integrity - - - in the absence of any known "resonance"? Can we with integrity - - - systematically avoid asking and responding to these questions in open-and-honest-dialogues?