To complete missions to which we are committed - - - we must be able to screen-out and delay responding to distractions that are likely to prevent us from properly focusing in a coherent and timely way upon our chosen missions - - - while at the same time being ready to respond to authentic emergency calls - - - to which we intend to be responsive. If we are not intentionally prepared to do the above in our modern "electronic" world - - - we are very likely to be so distracted by others - - - that we will not accomplish any coherent mission at all! We are likely to behave in utterly incoherent ways; without any form of authenticity, integrity or personal-health! We are likely to each as slaves our incoherent environments of all kinds - - - without any semblance of integrity, health or authenticity! Part of being prepared - - - is being committed to engaging in coherent missions which we can fulfill with integrity - - - while maintaining our own personal health and integrity - - - with some time and energy to spare - - - to respond in healthy and intentional ways with integrity - - - to authentic emergencies which we intend to be ready to respond to. We must not be committed to be so responsive to others - - - that we cannot be involved in coherent ways to fulfill our coherent intentionally chosen missions; e.g., to help people to Graciously-Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.