It is a complex fact-of-life that intimate-personal-relationships are interdependent in ways that often become complex because of: 1. Time-Limitations that participants have - - - due to multiple-duties and optional-activities. 2. Diverse-Opinions which participants have about what is: proper, tolerable, desirable, meaningful, coherent, integrative. 3. Both formal-and-informal constraints within: families, neighborhoods, communities and cultures. 4. Ideological and communal/cultural differences. 5. Different levels of: greed, envy, jealousy, etc. The above can all play complicating roles when we are trying to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts which are themselves rooted within differences between people's: opinions, desires, hopes, assumptions, convictions and needs - - - in relation to intimate-persona-relationships. Part of what makes for complexity is the fact that different people have assigned different meanings to various kinds of intimacy, and view some intimacies differently as regards risks associated with those intimacies. Different people have different vocabularies and syntaxes in their languages-of-intimacy, and may accidentally communicate in confusing ways - - - without knowing that they have generated confusion. In one African village a young woman from a different nation walked through the village with a young male friend; visiting about what might be done in the village to help people get their needs met more adequately. She was unaware of the fact that such a walk was their marriage ceremony; and the villagers were very much upset when after her marriage she did not move in to live with her husband! It took a major tribal council to clear up the confusion! She had arrived in the village to find that the expected NGO (Non-Governmental-Organization) support-network had not been put in place, and she did not know the villager's language - - - so she learned the village's language in most respects; but not in respect to what the local marriage ceremonies were like. Things were worked out - - - and she planned to return a year later for a second summer there; with arrangements made by cell phone calls!