Domineering-Bullies tend to focus upon: 1. Conclusions-and-Destinations that they have reached. 2. Who is Superior, and Who is Inferior. 3. Contests for the status of Dominance, Superiority, Being-in-Control, etc. 4. Playing-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - to advance their cause by WINNING SUCH GAMES! 5. Concentration Wealth and Power - - - without limit. 6. The Exclusion of Inferior and Evil People. 7. Setting up and Maintaining Hierarchies and Pecking-Orders to manage human relationships well for "the economy". 8. The inhibition of criticisms of and exposures of the vulnerabilities of the people who are well-in-control. 9. Technologies to achieve the above and to maintain positions of control through necessary defensive activities. 10. The Inhibition, Repression and Elimination of Arrogant-Challengers. 11. Which Inferior-Vulnerable-People can best fulfill the needs, desires and wants of Superior and More-Powerful People; by Sacrificing their Integrity and Health. True-Lovers and Facilitators of the Mitigations-of-Alienative-Conflicts by The-Participants-and-Victims in-such-Conflicts; focus upon the PROCESSES of Being-Together in Healthy-Intimate-Relationships; and upon how to Augment-Such-PROCESSES of Being-Together in Mitigating Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts and in Helping-each-Other to fulfill their most basic healthy needs in timely Gracious-Ways.