Domineering-Bullies often offer unsolicited "advice" to vulnerable people about how they should invest (spend) their time, energy, money attention, etc. - - - while they (The-Domineering-Bullies): 1. Are-not-well-informed about the person(s) thus "advised". 2. Are-being-Egocentric; i.e., centered upon their own life-style and their own "needs" in that life-style. 3. Are indifferent about the Alienative-Conflicts which they generate - - - and about the consequent alienation. 4. Are indifferent about the costs to others and themselves - - - generated by their actions and patterns of neglect. 5. Are Technocratically-Clever in taking maximum advantage of the various ways in which vulnerable-people's vulnerabilities can be used-and-abused - - - without the victims becoming aware of the uses-and-abuses at any time or who is responsible. The efforts of True-Lovers who work to help victims of Alienative-Conflicts to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - should always be Graciously-and-Generously Responsive to the Tragic-Realities pointed to above; to help the victims to protect themselves against further abuses in Unmitigated-Continuing-Alienative-Conflicts. The victims of Alienative-Conflicts include BOTH: 1. Powerful and Wealthy People who are complicit in initiating and/or perpetuating Alienative-Conflicts. AND 2. Weak, Poor and Vulnerable People who lack the natural-understanding, perspectives, training and discipline to help to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - that generate Alienations - - - which cause them to be victimized in ways which are in hidden ways related to concentrations of wealth and power into the hands of relatively few people.